Master Cockring and Titan .9 Glans Ring:


Sometimes there is nothing like the feeling of weight around your prick. That massive cock-hug surrounding the base of your chubbie or under your dick-head reminds you of your sexual power and potency. With every step or move comes the sense that things are stirring and the blood is flowing in to pump up your prick. 

The Master cockring is a great choice. It's gear essentials' second-heaviest cock ring and is a solid hunk of stainless steel that puts the steel in your rod. 

Add the Titan .9 glans ring, gear essentials widest and heaviest glans ring, and you have a knock-out combination. Are you ready for the power?


Master Cockring and Titan .9 Glans Ring:  "I love the weight of it holding me out..."


Titan .9 Glans Ring

The customer who submitted these photos is obviously enjoying the look and feel of this heavy metal. We're also pretty excited by it. His Titan .9 head ring is a big, bold statement. He's wearing it in the brushed finished but it also now available in the mirrored (which really catches the eye).

The Titan .9 is a massive hunk of cock jewelry that's designed to prominently perch on the end of your dick. At 2.3 ounces / 65 grams it's gear essentials' heaviest (and widest) glans ring. We love the look but really love how amazing it feels bobbing on your knob! The weight creates an amazing "hand job in my pants" feeling (to quote many of our testers and customers). We enjoyed that sensation so much that we wanted MORE! That motivated us to create the heavier Titan .6 and Titan .9 head rings.  

Here's one customer's response:  "I hadn't tried anything like this before, so I wasn't even what size to go with. I got the .9 Stainless Steel - 1-1/8" and it takes quite a bit of doing to get it on, but it never comes off. I love the weight of it holding me out while I'm running around in shorts. (Phazed from Atlanta, Georgia.) We love the pull too!

When your dick gets hard the blood flows in and the glans ring makes your dick head even bigger-even if you already have a cockring on! The first time I tried it I was blown away by the amazingly sensual experience. And it feels so good....

A head ring stays on by resting on top of the ridge of your corona (the widest edge of the head of your penis) when you are flaccid. So when measuring, make sure your glans ring isn't wider than your flaccid head. 

"Alpha4u2ssrvc" from Washington, DC wrote: 

"Been looking for Glans Rings for a while and wanted one that was weighted. Easy and comfortable to wear all day. Big Mushroom head here and I wanted the weight to stretch out my dong all day long.

"I bought the package deal of all 4 sizes included. Have pushed the biggest size down the shaft and worn that a couple of days. That gets tricky when I start to get aroused, pretty thick here, yet still comfortable when flaccid. Usually, wear boxer briefs or commando and the glans ring stretches out my cock nicely in my jeans, pants, sweats, shorts. Will come back and do a review of how it feels during sex, have not had that opportunity, YET!"


Master Cockring and Titan .9 Glans Ring:  "I love the weight of it holding me out..."


Master Cockring

Your dick looks, hotter, feels amazing and performs better in a cock ring from gear essentials. A Master penis ring will deliver better sex when it's wrapped around your stiffening meat! Not only does it keep your dick bigger, beefier and longer; it also makes your pleasure rod more sensitive to every touch, lick, kiss, suck and thrust. It’s basic science:  blood flows into your dick but is restricted from leaving again so your prick stays thicker and more sensitive so you enjoy harder and longer action. 

The Master cock ring is crafted from solid stainless steel. It's thick, meaty design (squared with rounded edges for comfort) weighs in at around 8 ounces / 228 grams. You'll enjoy the look, girth and confidence-boosting tug. The weight of the Master penis ring also gives force to your fuck-strokes for increases pressure and pleasure. When fucking you'll enjoy the hearty cock-hug as well as the pressure and increased girth on your dick.

Jason from New Mexico wrote:  "Nice and heavy, when you are in the mood for a heavy ring to pull at you like getting a handjob all day long. I like to wear this with some ball weights for added pleasure which I recommend. You'll be pre-cumming in your pants all day long... :0)"

Here are a few more reasons why you should wear a cock ring:

  • Keeps the blood restricted IN your prick so you stay thicker, become more engorged, get harder faster and can go the distance.
  • A penis ring pumps up your package. Your package in leathers or Levis looks HUGE!
  • A cock ring makes your dick more sensitive to every touch, lick, caress and thrust. It totally ramps up your erogenous pleasure.
  • It pulls your balls up. Have a lot of ball sack? Although I wear a cock ring all the time, when things get hot I like to wear a wider bandwidth to keep my balls from flopping around and slapping against my thighs. It keeps things cooler.
  • Cockrings look hot around the base of your dick.


You'll love the weight of the Master and Titan .9 Glans Rings holding you out and bringing you more intense pleasure too.   

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!





(Photos provided by customer. Phazed, "Alpha4u2ssrvc" and Jason are not pictured.) 





David: We have a lot of customers who are uncut and they love wearing glans rings. Most wear it underneath the skin but some use it to pull the foreskin back. Due to the size of the Titan .9, you will most likely be able to see the outline of it when it’s covered by your foreskin. The Titan .2 doesn’t show as much.

Spencer Whitman has modeled for us; he has a lovely foreskin and wore it both ways. You can see pictures of it in our blogs. Thanks!



Richard: Thanks for your comment. Chez Priape in Montreal carries gear essentials’ products in their retail store. If they don’t have it, you can also order on line here.




How I canadien g et it in Montreal ?



what about on an uncut cock? Would this be worn under the foreskin producing a lump through the foreskin?



Hot ringed tip!

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