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Quality, comfort and performance--what more could you ask in a cockring? This is as near to the heart of a man as you can get--this ring of warm metal around his manhood is near and dear. His cockring keeps his dick chubbed when flaccid and thicker, harder and longer when doing the deed. And it "feels & looks great."

Spiker from Minneapolis wrote, "This is my third Gear Essentials cock ring. The cock rings are of high quality and the weight and shine of this model feels & looks great. Of all the metal cock rings out there; Gear Essentials is the best. I plan on purchasing another one as a gift next month."

Are you ready for the best? 


Master Cockring "feels & looks great" Are you ready for the best?


It looks like this cowboy is ready to ride! And he'll give an amazing fuck in his Master cock ring. It's gear essentials' second heaviest solid stainless steel penis ring with a weight of slightly over 8 ounces (228 grams).

This sturdy and studly ring is rock-solid stainless (in brushed or mirrored finish) and features a no-nonsense square design that doesn't take any more shit than you do. But not to worry--the edges are rounded so it works great in a leather harness or under your jeans for a long, hard day on the range.

But why wear a cock ring? Here are a few of the benefits of a penis ring:

  • Keeps the blood in your prick so you are thicker, become more engorged, get harder faster and can go the distance.
  • Pumps up your package. Your package in leathers or Levis looks HUGE!
  • A cock ring makes your dick more sensitive to every touch, lick, caress and thrust. Ramp up your erogenous pleasure.
  • Pulls your balls up. I have a lot of ball sack. I wear a cock ring all the time, but in the summer I wear a wider bandwidth to keep my balls from flopping around and slapping against my thighs. Frankly, it keeps me cooler.
  • They look damn hot!

Bring more power to your prick, master the sensations a cock ring can give you and let your cock feel and look great. Regardless of why you wear one (or two...or more!) you (and your partner) will ENJOY! Are you ready for the best?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 


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