Master Cockring & Ball Stretchers:


The warm days of summer are back and there is nothing like kicking back and enjoying the sun. He's already started to work on that tan line but maybe we can erase it a bit today!

His dick has fallen out of his underwear - but that is a lot to contain. His prick is pumped by his Master cockring and his balls are swinging low with three stacked 8 ounce ball weights. There is a lot of pleasure going on here!

His Master cock ring is keeping his prick thicker and harder. It's basic science, blood flows in and is restricted from leaving again leaving your rod fatter, juicer, longer and more sensitive to every touch and thrust! 

Tom from the UK wrote:  "I got into steel rings over a year ago and I've a few. My Master Cock Ring is the one I wear most, as day-wear. I find it supremely comfortable and pleasurable, sometimes having it on 48 hours continuously. Under close fitting casual wear, especially denim, the just slightly outrageous bulge of my junk in this bold ring is addictive to the eye; very pleasing once you've developed the confidence to display it.

"The 'square' section of the ring has two really good consequences: the 'flat' front surface is delicious for my balls and shaft base to be pressed back onto by my jeans; the full bandwidth at my chosen inside diameter provides such a pronounced yet comfortable 'grip'. The consequence of all this is a ratcheting up of my sense of sexual potential, all day; I think I walk with a swagger I didn't have before!

"I don't fuck with this ring on; my woman wants the gentle curve of other models. But because the Master is so good for general day wear, it still gets the five star from me!"

Want to keep your rod thicker, harder, fuller and longer? Slip on a cockring. You'll be amazed at what it does for your prick.


Master C Ring & Ball Weights:  "...supremely comfortable & pleasurable"


The pleasure of a ball weight (or three) is intense. Salty from Ohio wrote:  "After just a day of wear, I realized a significant stretch .. and the look of those newly low hangers is matched by the “value added” hot sensations when stroking or humping. Looking forward to adding more weights"

Hopefully you have tried a penis ring and felt the major impact that it has on your performance and cumming. But now it's time to take it to the next level with an 8 ounce / .23 kg ball weight. There are a lot of choices out there. You can go with silicone, leather, rubber, magnetic or screw on. I've got them all - and there are times when I wear them all. Each of us is built and wired a bit differently and have different triggers. For me, the 8 ounce ball stretcher is perfect for all day, every day wear. I love the look, how it feels gently tugging my nads and the powerful orgasms I have when I wear it during sex.

I also love that I can use this smallest size to stack and add weight on my nads. Sometimes you just need a little more of that magical tug and twist on your balls.

Isn't it time that you discover how awesome how supremely comfortable and pleasurable the Master cockring and ball weights are?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



(Photo submitted by customer. Tom and Salty are not pictured.)



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