Master Cockring:


Thick and juicy--that's the way you want it! And a cock ring will keep you thicker and juicier.

The stud pictured below is well-hung. When you're packing you need a cock ring that will support you and keep your prick thick and ready for action. The Master cockring will do that and more. It is a solid hunk of solid stainless steel that will make your prick stand out. Want to keep it thicker, harder, fuller and longer? The answer is the Master!

Ed from Boston wrote:  "WOW !!! The MASTER Cock ring is a piece of art. I chose this ring based on the reviews I read on the Gear Essentials website. The ring is AWESOME ! The beautiful mirror finish, The weight, The fit, I am extremely pleased. The presentation Tin is very impressive. I would recommend this cock ring to anyone who admires SUPERIOR craftsmanship. Ed"

Master Cockring:  "I would recommend this cockring
to anyone who admires SUPERIOR craftsmanship."


There's no question; sex is better with a cock ring from gear essentials. Whether you're just jacking off or enjoying really hot sex you'll get more pleasure with a Master penis ring wrapped around your stiffening rod.

The Master cockring keeps your prick bigger, thicker, longer and more sensitive. It’s basic science:  blood flows into your cock but is restricted from leaving so your prick stays thicker, firmer and ready for hard and deeply satisfying action. 

The Master cock ring is crafted from solid stainless steel. It's a big, bold squarer design (with rounded edges for comfort) weighing in at slightly over 8 ounces / 228 grams so you will feel an amazing boost of confidence between your legs. It also gives extra weight while fucking for increased thrusting power as well as tantalizing your partner’s taint for their increased pleasure. 

Are you ready for superior craftsmanship and superior sex?

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Master Cockring:


(Photo provided by customer. Ed is not pictured.) 


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Chris d

Chris d

Hot helmet and lovely landing strip in this hunk…mmm

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