Mavrik Cockring:


The hot stud pictured below has a whole color-coordinated thing going on. I love that. His big slab of meat is hanging out in his blue Mavrik cockring. Not only is it a good-looking ring, it's light, colorful and it keeps his junque pulled up, front and forward. It's hanging out there for everyone to see and hopefully enjoy.

Mavrik Cockring:  "the most comfortable I have ever worn"


His magnificent tool is on display (and really when aren't we?) You know he's feeling cocky because his cockring keeps his prick even thicker, harder and longer. It works because it's basic science:  the blood rushes in and is restricted from leaving again because of the pressure of his penis ring. You look better. You feel better. Sex is better. Your partners will be begging for more. And you'll have the endurance and cock ring support to give it!

He's rocking the Mavrik cockring in blue (also available in red - see below). Made from our favorite medical-grade plastic in the style of a slimmed-down Imperial cock ring, this baby is light-weight, comfortable and smooth. This amazing C ring will support you at work, working out or getting worked over!

Mavrik Cockring:  in Red


Chuck from Minneapolis wrote:  "I am a big fan of cock rings and glans rings. I bought both the Maverick glans and cock ring. They are outstanding. The cock ring is the most comfortable I have ever worn. It's a 1-3/4" and fits snuggly but not tight. The glans ring fits and the two of them together makes a nice combo. I love to wear them when I have a massage."

As Chuck mentioned, there is a good looking coordinating glans ring for the Mavrik. The coordinating Mavrik glans ring gives you the 'mini hand job in your pants' sensation, weighs down your dick for your best flaccid look and looks amazing hanging on the end of your prick.

Are you ready for the most comfortable cockring you've ever worn? Get the Mavrik cockring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Mavrik Cockring:


(Photos submitted by customer. Chuck is not pictured.)



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