Mavrik Cockring:


Looking for amazing dick support but want to keep it lightweight? The Mavrik cockring may be just what you are looking for.

Crafted in the USA from super-safe solid medical grade plastic, this .4 inch bandwidth ring is gear essentials' thinnest medical grade. This material is super safe - doctors use it in surgical procedures - & TSA-safe. You'll travel in style in your Mavrik penis ring (also available in red).

These rings are firm to keep YOU firm! Lightweight, gently smooth & curved both inside & out to minimize pinching--even under tight clothing. You will also appreciate the amazing comfort & wearability of these rings.

Check out the coordinating Mavrik glans ring too--it will really pop your head!


Mavrik Cockring:  "The best I've seen and worn"


Tony from New Jersey wrote:  "I must say you have the best I've seen and worn. they are so light weight to wear. I wear mine almost 24/7. I forget I even have then on. Yes I even wear mine to bed. Gets me hard in the middle of the night. Its nice to be able to feel a hard on. I even wear it them during six. Wife loves how it feels. Heading to a nude resort this April, gonna show them off at the resort."

You will look, feel and perform your best in a cockringNot only will the Mavrik keep your dick pulled front, forward and center; it will thrust it out for all the world to see. You will be pumped up and well-supported. It's basic cock ring science:  blood flows in and is restricted from leaving. This means you show off your best-dicked self.

Are you ready for the best? Get your Mavrik cock ring today!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Tony is not pictured.)



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