Mavrik Glans Ring


We love glans rings. We love the look, feel and performance. One of our favorite long-term customers is showing off his Mavrik Red glans ring in the photo below.

The Mavrik is made of our favorite medical-grade plastic in the style of a slimmed-down Imperial cock ring. This baby is light-weight, comfortable and smooth.

Manuel from Switzerland wrote:  "I've bought the 1'' and the 1 1/8'' glans ring. The 1'' fits a little firmer especially when soft. It's super light-weight and I've started wearing the ring almost every day. As I'm uncircumcised, the ring keeps my foreskin pulled back during the day which is an awesome feeling. The constant rubbing of the now always exposed glans against the fabric of the underwear just feels amazing!"


Mavrik Glans Ring "just feels amazing!"


Manual loves the feeling. Here are a few other reasons why guys love their glans rings:

  1. It feels amazing!  This is all about you--it is self-pleasure pure and simple.  Sure, your partner may get off on the look or feel of it--but at the end of the day it's about how it makes you feel:  AWESOME! Tickled in ALL the right places, Caressed. Minutely and gently stroked. Feel the mini hand-job in YOUR pants!
  2. It looks hot -- a lot of naturists wear glans rings because they are a great way to express your individuality.
  3. It weighs your flaccid dick down so you "show" off your potential (and look your biggest!)
  4. It delays orgasm -- when you have a head ring on, it masks the sensitive nerve endings around the base of your dick head during sex. Because those happy-go-lucky nerves are covered up you last longer. 
  5. Many guys report that it makes their dick heads fuller and harder (blood is restricted in the head of your dick) and makes orgasms more intense. This is the case EVEN when wearing a cock ring. Who knew it could get even bigger and more intense?!
  6. It increases your partner's pleasure.

The Marvik head ring is also available in blue. Crafted from solid medical grade plastic, this .3 inch bandwidth ring is our thinnest medical grade glans ring. This material is super safe next to your tender & sensitive skin--doctors use it in surgical procedures--& it also won't set off the TSA alarm bells! These are great for expressing yourself at the gym or your favorite nude beach. Regardless of where you wear them, you will travel in style in your red or blue Mavrik head ring!

These rings are designed firm to keep your dickhead pumped and firm! Lightweight, gently smooth & curved on the outside with our exclusive corona fit on the inside to help prevent slippage. You will find discover that this is a very comfortable glans ring.

Want a coordinated look? Wear the Mavrik glans with the Mavrik cockring

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer. Manuel is not pictured.)



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