Max Triple Pleasure with Cockring, Ball Weight & Glans Ring


Some days I just crave the sensation of hanging all the metal in the house off my dick.

I know, I know. It may be overkill but it feels so good. Like the stud below, I love to triple-ring (this is when you wear cockring, ball weight and glans ring). I love how it pulls and stretches my balls, pumps up my prick and makes the head of my dick explode! It feels fantastic! In fact, it is almost too much. 

I have been wearing my Titan .9 glans ring a lot lately; however, one of my favorites is still the Titan .4 head ring. This was one of the first glans rings we manufactured. I really enjoy this subdued little ring. It has enough weight that you know it's there (so it keeps your flaccid dick longer and it gently rubs and tickles all the right spots).

The beauty of the stainless steel glans rings is that they are heavier so they pull your flaccid dick down showing off more of your length than you would without it on. I first noticed glans rings when I hung out at a nudist gathering. They did the trick, the dicks looked great and caught my attention. Frankly, they were attractive, sexy, enhancing and begged to be touched. Right away I knew we had to introduce our own line of unique and quality head rings. The first time I put one on I was blown away by how awesome they feel. Our testers and customers have all commented that the heavier rings feel like a 'mini hand-job in your pants'!  (You can't argue with that.)

This was how my addiction to triple-ringing was born:  cock ring, ball weight and glans ring.

The hot stud below is actually wearing FOUR rings. He is triple-ringed in the sense that he is wearing cock rings, ball weight and glans ring--but he is stacking two cockrings:  the Half Screw and the Full Screw. That is giving this hung hunk a bandwidth of 1 1/2 inches around the base of his long rod. He wears it well. 


Max Triple Pleasure with Cockring, Ball Weight & Glans Ring by gear essentials


You'll see as you continue looking at the pictures in this blog that he is one confident-looking fucker. You will be too when you slip on your quality gear from gear essentials. All three components work together to deliver increased erotic pleasure. Interestingly enough, you cannot even see his head ring under his foreskin. Check the pic below and you will see it peeking out.

He has stacked two rings. More is better! A cockring keeps your dick chubbed up and at its fullest so you look and feel your best. When you feel your chubbed-up cock brush against your body as you go about your day it gives an erotic charge and sense of satisfaction. It also emphasizes your sexual self-awareness and horns you up!


Half Screw and Full Screw Cockrings

The Half Screw is lightweight yet does everything you need a cock ring to do.  This style comes in several bandwidths:  .3 inches / 7.62 mm (Quarter Screw--which also comes in a 1 5/8 diameter), .6 inches / 15.24 mm (the Half Screw) and the Full Screw at nearly an inch (.9 inches / 22.86 mm). The Half Screw and Full Screw are both shown here. These are really comfortable under tight underwear or jeans because of the exaggerated interior comfort fit. The Half Screw C ring makes for a pronounced bulge under anything you are wearing so you look, feel and perform more impressively. 

Mark from North Carolina wrote:  'Awesome Cock Ring!!! The 2 1/8" fits perfectly...presents my package very nicely, and takes my girth from 6 3/4" to 7 1/2".'

If you've avoided metal rigid C rings because you just think cock rings are too heavy, think again. You'll love it so much you will never want to take it off. (And just might not.)

The Full Screw cock ring by gear essentials is a great choice when you want a lot of support but don't need the weight. Crafted of light-weight aluminum, this ring also features our exclusive comfort fit interior ridge for easy wear-all-day / fuck-all-night pleasure. So light you won't know it's there--but judging by the looks your package is getting, the amazing pump and the support you get when the blood starts flowing--you will KNOW it's doing its job. Relax and enjoy. Your cockring is doing its job.

If you want to wear the coordinating glans ring, add the Quarter Screw Glans Ring to round out your look. 


Max Triple Pleasure with Cockring, Ball Weight & Titan Glans Ring

Titan .4 Head Ring

A glans ring is the little ring surrounding your shaft just beneath the corona that gives you pleasure all day long. It rubs and tickles the uber-sensitive skin right beneath the head of your prick as you move. (This works best when you are commando or wearing loose clothing. If you were tight underwear it compresses everything together so you don't get the benefit of the continual movement.) It's an amazingly delicious feeling. Your co-workers will be wondering why you are smiling all day!

Mike from Illinois wrote:  "I have had this glans ring for about a month now and I simply love it. I love the snug fit because once I got it, it had been on my cock 24/7. I go to work, shower, and sleep.with it on. I am a nudist and I love to look down and see it. When I am hard it makes my cockhead look very big. So hot. So if you are thinking about getting a glans ring I say go for it. You and your cock will love it. GEAR ESSENTIALS is an awesome company with great customer service."


Max Triple Pleasure with Cockring, Ball Weight & Glans Ring by gear essentials


PISTON Ball Weight

I love the tug, twist and pull of a ball weight as it plays with my ball sac all day long. I think he is wearing the perfect size if you are just starting out and want to enjoy the sensations 24/7. With every step or move (especially fucking) you will feel the tug and twist of the 8 ounces of solid stainless steel as it sends electrifying currents through your body. Heat radiates from your groin and the passion intensifies. When the clothes come off and the action begins, the ball stretcher will delay and intensify your orgasm because it keeps your nads from retracting into your body as it prepares to cum. Some guys report that they shoot farther--and more--too.


Max Triple Pleasure with Cockring, Ball Weight & Glans Ring - Good for everyone!


Paul from Iowa wrote:  "I thought I’d start off the New Year with a resolution to try more Gear Essentials products in 2017! In January, I am trying the Gear Essentials Glans Rings (Titan .6 and Titan .2) and a Ball Weight (Piston 8 oz). The glans rings and ball weight are truly amazing. 

"I’ve been wearing the ball weight all day and really enjoy the gentle tug it provides. In fact, I just ordered another one, so I can stack them for additional pleasure. I really didn’t know what to expect when I ordered my 1st ball weight. However, I am definitely a big fan after giving it a try. 

"I am looking forward to my next Gear Essentials purchase. Your products are amazing!"

Once you've gotten comfortable with the 8 ounce ball weight, you can start adding more. This intensifies the sensations and it also stretches your ball sac. A lot of guys like Paul love having low hangers, and consistently wearing your ball weight and then adding even more ball stretchers to the stack will get you those bull's balls you've always wanted.  


Max Triple Pleasure with Cockring, Ball Weight & Glans Ring keeping you boned


You may feel like you've got a lot of metal on--but each ring enhances a different aspect of your erogenous zones. The cock ring keeps your dick thicker and more sensitive, the ball weights play with your sac and the glans ring teases and strokes the soft skin beneath the head of your dick. Just think of all the things your hands could be doing when you don't have to pay any attention to your cock!

Enjoy max triple pleasure with cockring, ball weight and glans ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by David Lee: Mark, Mike and Paul are not pictured. )



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