Measuring up in the 'Dare to compare' game with a Cockring


When I was a kid, a neighbor boy (he was much older--a whole year) and I compared dingles (that's what we called them then!) Of course our prepubescent penises weren't much to look at. But I remember being curious as we stood side-by-side in front of the toilet and peed together. Such innocence.

Two years later I started swimming with my dad and older brother. In those days everyone showered around a vertical pipe with shower heads all around it. I recall that there were several of these shower stations in the local middle school locker room. As I sneaked glances around me I saw all these dicks right at eye level. It was a little overwhelming. Some were cut, others were not and most were buried in huge bushes of pubic hair. What I do recall is the sensation that my 'dingle' was very much undersized. I compared and did not measure up.

Of course that all changed with puberty. When I hit middle school there were the guys who had started sprouting hair and their balls had dropped. Those with pre-pubescent dingles were left feeling left behind. It was a case of comparing haves and have nots. Now I measure up and then some. I no longer shy away from walking into the showers at the gym.

But we all still surreptitiously compare. 

One way to up your game--and compare much more favorably--is to wear a cockring. The benefit of this is that it restricts the blood flow from leaving you prick--this means you stay thicker and longer even when flaccid. If you are a 'grower' (and most men are) this gives you a decided advantage in the 'dare to compare game.'


Measuring up in the 'Dare to compare' game with a Cockring


The two side-by-side gents above are keeping their pricks thicker in Alpha and Imperial cockrings. Both are comfortably rounded for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. And both keep your dick thicker, harder and longer.


The Alpha Cockring

Crafted from solid lightweight aluminum in the USA, the Alpha C rings are feather light so they won't distract you from other more important things in life. You'll hardly notice you even have it on as you proudly walk through the locker room yet when things heat up you will appreciate the support. 

The Alpha penis ring is toric-shaped (like a perfectly smooth donut) for optimum comfort. Because it's perfectly rounded there are no hard edges to dig in or pinch. This means it is supremely comfortable and it looks great!


The Imperial Penis Ring

The Imperial penis ring is another gear essentials' favorite. Tantalizingly smooth in either mirrored or brushed finish, these rings beg to be touched and fondled. Crafted from solid high-quality stainless steel these rings are skin-sensitivity safe and will last years (and won’t pit or corrode like the cheap imported chrome-plated brass or nickel rings) and you will appreciate the comfort of a bit more weight. This really comes in handy when fucking. Your partner will thank you. You’ll love what the Imperial does for your dick (and your love life!)

Measure up in the Alpha or Imperial cockrings.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo provided by customer.)



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