The Man of Steel in his Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring


We had some fun this past weekend road-testing the new Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring. It's a very handy ring.

You'll generally find us in a metal cockring, but when it's time for some action, the silicone rings are very comfortable and easy to get on.

The Boss took the new Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring for a spin and found that it was very effective. Here he is wearing it shortly after receiving an injection of Trimex.


The Man of Steel in his Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring


Sure the Trimex pumps you up, but the cockring keeps your boner hard! The Boss is hard and ready to go with his rod of steel in his cockring of silicone-coated steel! This ring brings a lot of extra support and it's no secret that a cock ring makes your dick thicker (whether flaccid or erect), harder and more sensitive. It's all about better sex.


The Man of Steel in his Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring


There sure is a lot of power behind that dick!

The word on this cockring? It is flexible yet firm. We enjoyed the benefit of metal but it is very easy to get off when you're still rock hard. In addition, the silicone means the ring doesn't lose its grip and slide. The Boss loves this ring!

Here's a close up.


The Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring


Now it was time to see how it held up with a good, hard fuck. Our buddy felt the pulsing power of the Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring. It reached the deepest parts, stroked his P-spot and sent his eyes rolling back in fuck-heaven bliss. Everyone enjoyed good sex and huge loads. 

The Man of Steel in his Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring:  Hot Fuck


You'll be the man of steel in this cockring! Split metal reinforces the super comfortable silicone ring giving you extra support & strength.

The Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring is available in 3 sizes. And it's hypoallergenic, nonporous, odorless (I really appreciate this aspect too - I hate skanky smelling silicone toys) and easy to clean.

The Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring will make your sex life soar! Isn't it time you show off your inner super man?

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Metal Reinforced Silicone Cockring:



(Photos by Jay Williams.)


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This looks awesome! The boss has the right equipment to take care of business!!! A rock hard cock all veined up. I bet it was a great fuck session

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