Large and in charge and exploding in your Master penis ring


This hot daddy is large and in charge.  You know it and he knows it.  It's just the way it is.

And we like it.  It's good to be in the hands of the master.  You know that everything will be taken care of.

The master knows how increase the impact of intimacy.  He knows where to touch, when to hesitate and when to plunge forward.  And he's wearing a take-charge penis ring.  It's a big, bold and brawny hunk of burning metal that gives strength and force to his love-making.  The erections are harder.  The thrust is thicker and deeper.  The orgasms are mind-blowing.  You may just find the best fuck of your life.  And you'll both want more.

Jason from New Mexico wrote:  "Nice and heavy, when you are in the mood for a heavy ring to pull at you like getting a handjob all day long.  I like to wear this with some ball weights for added pleasure which I recommend.  You'll be pre-cumming in your pants all day long... :0)"

And then you'll be exploding with ropes of hot jizz!

Large & in charge & exploding in your Master penis ring


This sturdy and studly ring is rock solid stainless (in brushed or mirrored finish) and features a squarer design.  But not to worry--the edges are sloped for max comfort so this cockring works great in a leather harness or under your business suit for a long, hard day at the office.

But why wear a cock ring? Here are a few of the benefits

  • Keeps the blood in your prick so you stay thicker, become more engorged, get harder faster and can really go the distance
  • Pumps up your package.  Your package in leathers or Levis looks HUGE!
  • A C Ring makes your dick more sensitive to every touch, lick, caress and thrust.  Ramp up your erogenous pleasure.
  • Pulls your balls up.  I have a lot of ball sac.  I wear a cock ring all the time, but in the summer I wear a wider bandwidth to keep my balls from flopping around and slapping against my thighs.  Frankly, it keeps me cooler.
  • They look damn hot!

Bring more power to your prick and master the sensations a cock ring can give you.  Regardless of why you wear one (or two...or more!) you will be large and in charge and exploding out of it!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Master Cock Ring:


(Photo provided by customer.  Jason is not pictured.)


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Nice load. Love the prominent veins

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