My Alpha Cockring


Summer is here and the living is easy! It feels great to shed our clothes and feel the warm breezes tickle our most intimate spots. He has shaved his body allowing the sun to kiss every square inch.

He's also sporting the Alpha cockring on his boned-up prick. This is a great nudist choice:  light and cool in pure aluminum, you hardly feel that it's there but when the action starts it's right by your side maximizing your manhood. Your cock ring keeps your dick fuller; harder; more sensitive to every lick, nibble, touch and stroke; and ready to go the distance.

It's so great to get naked!

My Alpha Cockring "makes my dick a lot firmer and more sensitive"


Vince from Las Vegas wrote:  "This is my first cock ring and I absolutely love it. I had previously purchased a glans ring and the enjoyment I got from it made me sure I need to add to it. I immediately put it on after receiving it and while I was surprised how light the ring was there is a noticeable tightness while wearing it that feels good. It makes my dick a lot firmer and more sensitive. I still need to try it having sex with my wife but I'm sure it will feel amazing and I'm hoping she'll like the surprise of finding it." 

Vince is right, like all of gear essentials' cock rings, your dick stays thicker, firmer, more sensitive and longer when supported by the Alpha penis ring. This ring features a narrower profile at just .4 inches / 10.16 mm and feels amazing wrapped around the base of your manhood. It's quickly becoming one of our most popular rings. You'll discover that the Alpha penis ring is extremely comfortable due to the completely smooth donut-shape and carefully balanced aluminum construction. 

Enjoy the heat and get naked in your Alpha Cockring.

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Vince is not pictured.)



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