All eyes are on Spencer Whitman the moment he walks by. Even clothed you know he's packing. 

Today the first thing we notice are those dimples...those thighs. What lies beneath?


All eyes are on Spencer Whitman


We were hoping that Spencer would drop that suit! (Life is better naked! And we think Spencer looks best au natural!)

You can't tell yet but he's wearing the Total Plunge cockring and Titan .2 glans ring on his beefy rod.

Back in March Tom from the United Kingdom wrote:  "I've been a chunky steel guy for four years - Gearessentials 'Master' all day and a lot of nights and always for sex. I felt I was ready to 'graduate' to a really deep band for a yet more eye-catching bulge.

"Wow does Total Plunge do it! Not only is my equipment so 'out there' under slim-fit denim, it's 'up there' too, with the aluminium being so light and therefore not pulling me downwards by gravity. A bit of arousal and the line of my cock under clothes is so much more obvious on account of my shaft base starting nearly an inch off my pubes.And, though the inner diameter is the same as what I've worn before, by balls get more bulgy and harder on account of being held further out. With the ring being quite slender I can't 'find' it when I'm wearing clothes; all you can grasp through the denim is man-meat and lots of it! 

"But, stripping off: for any guy who likes to get some 'worship' from his partner, Total Plunge is Ace.The enhancement, the elegance, the alpha-eros requires hands-on, mouth-on, eyes-on attention without question. Awesome. Whoever designed this - huge appreciation from me!

We love the chunky steel too. Tom's also right about the light-weight comfort of the solid aluminum construction. And it only gets better; the Total Plunge features gear essentials' interior comfort fit for easy all-day/play-all-night wear.

But Tom has more to say--but we'll come to that in a bit.


Spencer Whitman takes it off!


Tom's right. The Total Plunge cockring brings amazing enhancement, elegance and will demand hands on, mouth on, eyes on attention! The wide bandwidth pushes your cock and balls front, forward, up and away from your groin for a more pronounced package and amazing erection! Like any good cockring, the blood flows in but is restricted from leaving your dick again so you stay thicker, harder, longer, fuller and more sensitive. And if you're horse hung, it will support you for the long haul. 

A few months later Tom shared an update on his Total Plunge cockring:  "Further to my first review! Two months on and Total Plunge is most likely my choice for the whole day. The feel with it on, and the bulge - I can't resist! But I've noticed more: there's something about the deep band grip, the further push-out of my balls, which, when I'm aroused for any length of time, causes an increase in heft which I find awesome. It looks like I've used a pump but I've not. I've just been perving with my equipment locked solid in this 0.9 inch band of enhancement, and my balls are huge and hard and my shaft is this alpha-thick pleasure-pole! Five stars ain't enough, guys!"

Nothing is better than huge balls and an alpha-thick pleasure-pole. Get ready for more intense pleasure and better sex with the Total Plunge penis ring!


"My balls are huge & hard & my shaft is this alpha-thick pleasure-pole!
Spencer Whitman in the Total Plunge Cockring

We shouldn't forget to add that Spencer is also wearing his Titan .2 glans ring. This little stainless steel ring ramps up the pleasure even more (especially when paired with a cockring).

I love the visual impact and sensations of a head ring swinging on my flaccid dick when I'm naked. Not only does it look hot - and add a glint of metal around my corona - it also weighs my prick down to its longest flaccid length. Why not show yourself to best advantage?

Even when clothed, I love the 'mini hand job in my pants' sensation of these amazing rings. Why not enjoy all day pleasure?

Isn't it time your balls were huge and hard and your shaft is an alpha-thick pleasure-pole? Get a Total Plunge cockring and experience the best!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by Simeon Den. Tom is not pictured. 





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We have to see the front of the cock

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