Need a solid basic cockring for every day? Check out Nitrile


I meet a lot of guys who are frankly frightened by the concept of putting a hard stainless steel ring around their dick. I get it. When the blood starts pumping and the action starts pounding, my dick throbs and gets as hard as a rock. It can press against my cockring and I know that it is there keeping the blood in and supporting my big bone. 

However, when I'm done, I'm done. I don't maintain an erection for very long after I've cum. So I don't worry about getting trapped in my penis ring. (Note: back in the day when my erection wouldn't go down, a quick cold shower and thinking about my parents having sex did the trick!)

The perfect solution is a Nitrile ring like the Mega by M2M. Thicker than average and constructed from Nitrile, this has just a bit of give so it's easier to get off (and on). I also find that while my skin can be sensitive to silicone, I don't have any reaction to Nitrile and can easily wear this ring 24/7.


Keeping it HARD with a solid basic cockring for every day


Ain't it pretty? Look what it does for his pumped up prick! 

Here are 6 reasons why you should wear a cock ring:

  1. Boosts your erection. When you wear a cock ring you experience an erection like never before. You'll be 'throbbing' during sex. When you get hard you will get superman-steel-hard! 
  2. Get a HUGE package! If you want your cock and balls forward, front and center for all to enjoy, pop on a penis ring. 
  3. The way it makes you feel. One of gear essentials’ customers said it best, "It's like there is this firm grip cradling and supporting me." It feels amazing.
  4. It keeps your dick--even when flaccid--thicker. Zeb wrote: "...there's just a thickness in my pants that lingers a little longer than if I wasn't wearing a ring." There is nothing like a big package, is there? Your dick in a rigid cock ring under tight jeans will be a sight to behold. Trust me, you'll get second (and third) looks.
  5. A penis ring makes your rod more sensitive. When walking around throughout your day, you will have a concrete sense of your dick and the power it has. Your prick will become more sensitive to the lightest touch--be it tongue, feather, leather or your own hand. As you move, fabric will brush against your thickened meat and cause a thrilling sensation to skitter up your spine and back down to the head of your cock. And the orgasms are out-of-this-world hot!
  6. Want your prick to be thicker, longer and harder? A cock ring will do it for you. You may reach places you've never touched before! Whether having sex with another or all by yourself, the magnitude is mind-blowing.

When you need a solid basic penis ring for every day, check out the Mega cock ring by M2M.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer.)



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