New Trick:  Two Ball Weights--One on EACH Ball--feels Awesome!


I learned a new thing today.

I saw the picture below and thought, "I could never do that. This is just too kinky even for me." (I know. I should not judge.)

So I tried it. I did it! I put on two ball weights-one weight on each ball--and it felt awesome! Why didn't I think of this before?!


New Trick:  Two Ball Weights--One on EACH Ball--feels Awesome!


I'll admit, this was not easy and I'm still figuring it out (please give feedback if you've tried this before; and then let me know why you never told me about this!)

The first thing I did was tie off my lowest hanging ball (generally one ball hangs lower than the other). I used a five snap leather cock strap. This took up the slack and isolated the highest hanging ball. I grabbed that ball between my pointer and thumb and pulled it away from the other ball and my cock. I already had my 8 oz. ball weight hinged and ready to go so I just laid the ball over it and screwed it down. I had to be very careful to start the screw (so both halves stayed together) and then go in and get any tender scrotal skin out of the way!  

Once I locked it down I put another 8 oz. ball stretcher on the low hanging ball. The reason I did this one last is to ensure that I had enough sac to hang a ball weight on. I did!

After all this was done I screwed an Omega split ring at the base of my dick as a cockring. The next time I will try putting a penis ring on first--however, I was concerned that it would reduce the amount of ball sac available for the ball weights. I did not want to waste ball sac on the cock ring at this point. It was very easy to put the Omega split ring on last.

So now I am wearing two ball weights--one on each ball! This is interesting and very erotic. I'll let you know how it goes!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!




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