Nip-Clamped and Cockringed - Tapping into Oxytocin for greater pleasure


We've been getting a lot of interesting comments about our recent blogs on nipple sucking and clamps. Two days ago we posted a blog on Oxballs' Gripple Nipple Suckers. It's no secret we love alternating those suckers with clamps for a more intense and sensitive experience.

A while back a friend described the first time he wore nipple clamps. He tried on a pair of clover clamps and discovered that after taking them off the brush of fabric across his nips made his dick hard. He had never realized that he was hard-wired with an intense nipple-to-genital connection. He is not alone.

Like women, men's nipples are erogenous zones (here is ONE area where men and women are alike). When stimulated by touch (hands or mouth) this tender tissue creates sexual arousal. Both men and women have similar nerve supply in the nipples; however, the nerves lie closer together in men versus being more widely spread for women. This is why your nips (made up of teats and areola) are erotic receptors--and creators of over-the-top erogenous pleasure.


Nip-Clamped & Cockringed - Tapping into Oxytocin 


The stud pictured above has the right idea--he has connected his clover-style nipple clamps to his Prince Albert. This is a great way to maximize pleasure--as your cock moves it tugs and teases your nips.

You know he likes it--check out how hard his cock is. And you'll want to keep your prick thicker and harder with a Titan cockring. There's nothing like a cockring to maximize the genital sensations.

Why do nipple clamps feel good?

It's all about the oxytocin. This is a hormone that is released when your nips or genitals are stimulated. When you experience orgasm and during the "afterglow." It feels good--not just on an external level--and we want more.


Nip-Clamped - Tapping into Oxytocin for greater pleasure


This stud may be tied up, but he is also enjoying the sensation of having his nips clamped. He also has a big bone--this time wrapped in rope (I can think of better ways to create a cock ring around the base of your prick without the rope burn!)

Why not go to the next level of sexual pleasure with nipple clamps and a penis ring. Tap into that Oxytocin for greater pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos submitted by customer.)



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