Over this past week I've gotten a lot of questions from men regarding their nipples. How do I make them more sensitive? How do I make them bigger?

Another customer gave me his feedback; I wanted to share it with all of you who are wondering how to maximize the pleasure in your nipples. I think many will benefit from his excellent advice.


"I have BIG nipples!" One man's journey of Tit Enlargement-feeling GOOD


But first, a bit about how male nipples work. This news comes as a surprise to most men but their nipples can be very sensitive. We tend to think of this as being the exclusive territory of women so men usually don't think much about their tits. Most men consider them useless body parts - sticking out of their chest, serving no purpose and just kind of irritating (especially if you're a runner). However, with playing and some concentrated tweaking any man can unlock the sensitivity in his nipples. For most, this also unlocks a direct connection with their genitals. And that's when the fun begins!

Nipples are erogenous zones for both men and women. When stimulated by touch (hands, mouth or toys) they begin to elicit sexual arousal. Both have similar nerve-endings in the teats; however, the nerves lie closer together in men while they are more widely spread in women. This is why the nipple and areola are erotic receptors - they feel good!


"I have BIG nipples!" Find a Tit Buddy


Our contributor writes:  "I have BIG nipples!

"It wasn't always like that. Like most men, I was born with goose-pimple-sized nipples, but decided about four years ago that what nature didn't give me, I would give myself."

 "I have BIG nipples!" One man's journey of Tit Enlargement


He continues:  "Tit men, the curious and the serious, often ask me what techniques I use to enlarge my nipples. This is what I tell them:

  • Find a tit buddy
  • Use weights and clamps as often as you can
  • Apply some sort of suction device to suck them out when no mouth is around
  • Have them pierced


    "I have BIG nipples!" Find a Tit Buddy



    Find a Tit Buddy

    He continues:  "For me, nothing can replace a long hot mutual tit workout with another serious titman, suck, pull, tug, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h those tits until you can't stand it anymore. And then we start over again, and again, and again. If you're not sore for at least two days afterwards, then you haven't worked on them long enough. Human flesh is very elastic, and if you pull on those tits long and hard, they'll respond and stick out - long and hard."

     "I have BIG nipples!" Tug those tits!


    Use weights and clamps as often as you can

    He continues:  "Clamps are useful because they leave your hands free to do other things. Find a pair or two firm, but comfortable tit clamps, if you want to stretch out your nipples without too much pain. You should be able to wear a one pound weight on each tit for at least 20 minutes. You can also put a piece of elastic behind your head and attach two ends to your clamps, and stretch your tits UP!

    "Of course, using clamps with your buddy can be hot. I like to lay my buddy on his back, throw his legs up in the air, and, using a rubber, fuck his asshole real hard while our tits are joined together by two pairs of clamps. Talk about hot!!!!"


     "I have BIG nipples!" Yank his chain!


    Apply a suction device to suck on them 

    He adds:  "Suction cups really work! It may be difficult to have a hungry mouth sucking on your tits four or five hours a day, but you can wear suction cups practically all day long, if you want to. Snake bite kits commonly available work really well.

    "Grease up your tits before you apply the suction cups (using lotion or even Chapstick), squeeze some of the air out of the cups and stick them on your tits. A few minutes later, squeeze out some more air. Continue in this way until there is no longer any air in the cups - just tit.

    "Caution: at first, don't use the cups for more than 15 minutes or so, or you might get blisters (blisters take several days to heal; they'll delay your pleasure), little by little, you'll build up resistance and be able to wear them for hours on end, that's when the real enlargement takes place. If you wear a shirt with two pockets (to hide the bulges), a vest, or a jacket, you can even keep on the cups at work. But again, watch for blisters."

     "I have BIG nipples!" Nipple suckers


    Shown above are Oxballs' Gripper nipple suckers. They come with loops so you can attached weights or ropes (as shown). You can get creative with your nipple gear.


    Get your nipples pierced 

    He continues:  "If you decide to have your nipples pierced (as I did); do it AFTER you have enlarged your nipples with clamps and suction cups, since the rings and bar you put on will get in the way of the clamps and suckers.

    Once the holes have healed, use weights and elastic bands as you would with clamps, the piercing itself will cause the nipples to swell, and some of the swelling will never go away. In fact, I once met a man with nipples almost as large as mine who got his tits big JUST through repeated piercings. He would have as many as six needles inserted through each tit at one time.

    "If you decide to have your nips pierced, put in a bar or ring that is as thick as possible: those thin ones are no thicker than wire, and they tend to cut your flesh when you hang weights from them. Connect your two rings with a heavy chain. Walking and dancing become new erotic experiences, as the vibrations of your movements are transmitted to the INSIDE of your tits. It just might give you a permanent hard-on."

    Who can argue with a permanent hard-on? (Note however that piercing can actually reduce sensation in some men. Do your research and find a reputable piercer.)


     "I have BIG nipples!" One man's journey of Tit Enlargement - Piercing


    How Nipples are Constructed & Nipple Erection 

    Nipples are made of skin like everywhere else on our body; however, pigmentation tends to be darker. When our nipples become erect, it is not due to erectile tissue (like that found in the penis) but it is due to the contraction of the smooth muscles under the control of the automatic nervous system. Therefore it is more like a hair follicle standing on end instead of being like sexual erection. Pilomotor reflex (which also causes goose bumps) causes nipple erections in the cylindrically arranged muscle cells of the nipple itself.

    High Beams

    Both men and women can experience nipple erection as a tactile response caused by cool temperatures. The release of oxytocin during sexual arousal also causes your teats to stand up and be noticed. In addition, this happens when you are sexually attracted by someone - and they subconsciously read this as a sign of your interest. 


      "I have BIG nipples!" One man's journey of Tit Enlargement - Erect Nips


    I would add a fifth step:  Keep your nips well-moisturized. When your session is done, use a good, thick body cream on your nips. This helps provide elasticity and promote healing.

    If you do it right, the next morning you’ll feel a slight thrill run through your body as your perked nips rub against your clothes. It's a gentle reminder all day of the pleasure you are unleashing in your nips.

    It won’t take too many sessions before your nips get really perky and sensitive. Potential partners will see your high beams through your shirt and will be drawn to them. Let it be known that you are into nipple play and you'll attract partners who are eager to help you train your nips.

    You will find partners who get off on twisting and playing with your nips. It's very tactile and generally the twistee is very verbal in their appreciation - you'll know you're turning them on. And who doesn't love to hear those appreciate moans and groans from our lovers?


     "I have BIG nipples!" High Beams



    Oxytocin? The 'Bonding' Hormone

    So what is oxytocin? It is referred to as the 'bonding' hormone. It’s released when your nipples and genital areas are stimulated as well as during orgasm (and for a few minutes afterwards). The release of oxytocin elicits feelings of contentment, reduces anxiety levels and releases a sense of calmness and security with your partner. It is a great bonding tool. (Bonus:  Men release oxytocin through nipple stimulation.)


     "I have BIG nipples!" Getting an  Oxytocin Hit


    As you progress with your nipple play, you can pump your nips and put “O” rings on them. We can’t seem to keep it in stock but I love our “Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with ‘O’ rings” - this isn’t great for pumping but it is an amazing tool to get the “O” rings on. After I get the rings on I use a nipple pumper to get max suction.

    One last tip, if you really want extreme pump, fill your nipple suckers with water, place over your nips, squeeze the excess water out and you will discover an even more extreme pump. I do this outside or in the shower otherwise I get water all over!

    With bigger nips will come increased sensitivity. Maximize that pleasure and you will discover that sexual play becomes more fun and intense as you release more and more oxytocin. 

    Get bigger nipples with nipple clamps and nipple suckers.  

    gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!








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