Where can I train my nipples for extreme stretching? Nipple Clamps & Suckers


Nipples can be extremely sensitive for men - and most are surprised by this. Men usually don't think much about their tits. They feel like they are useless body parts - stuck on their pecs, good for nothing and kind of irritating. However, with a little exploring, tweaking and playing; any man can unlock the sensitivity in his nipples and unlock a direct connection with their genitals or prostates.

Male and female nipples are erogenous zones. When stimulated by touch (hands or mouth) they can elicit sexual arousal. Both have similar nerve-endings in the teats; however, the nerves lie closer together in men and are more widely spread in women. This is why the nipple and areola are erotic receptors aka they feel good!

I've blogged about this before and my love for nipple play has only grown. We recently received a question from Skinslut:  "Tell me, where I can train my Nipples for extreme stretching."

I'm so glad you asked that!


Where can I train my nipples for extreme stretching?
Nipple Clamps & Suckers


My response:

The best place to start training your nips is at home. I would pick up a set of nipple suckers and bull nose or plier nipple clamps (as shown in the pictures here). (Monarchs tend to have a lot more pressure – too much for first-timers.) The bull nose or pliers have a screw so you can adjust the amount of pressure on your nips. When you first put them on you probably won’t use much. But you will find that even after a few minutes you will be used to more pressure. (NOTE: When you take them off you will feel a quick pang of pleasurable pain. It doesn’t last long.)




Where can I train my nipples for extreme stretching?
Nipple Clamps - Give 'em a good YANK!


In the picture above you can see how his pre-cum is flowing. This often happens as you become more sensitive to the pleasure of nipple play. For many men a twist on their nips unlock their pleasure centers.

Let's look at how nipples are built.


How Nipples are Constructed & Nipple Erection

Nipples are made of skin like everywhere else on our body; however, pigmentation tends to be darker. When our nipples become erect, it is not due to erectile tissue (like that found in the penis) but it is due to the contraction of the smooth muscles under the control of the automatic nervous system. Therefore it is more like a hair follicle standing on end instead of being like sexual erection. Pilomotor reflex (which also causes goose bumps) causes nipple erections in the cylindrically arranged muscle cells of the nipple itself.


I continued:  After about ten minutes in your nipple clamps, pop on your nipple suckers. You can lick the end or use Chapstick to ensure a good fit. The better the fit the more intense the pressure. To start, use for about 5 minutes. (Leave them on too long and you can blister your nips. This is not the end of the world but it will slow your nip training – and stifle the pleasure!) Dry off your nips (they will likely be damp) and put the nipple clamps back on. (I alternate how I place the clamps on my nips so I maintain a good nip shape – horizontal and then vertical.) Keep alternating clamps and suckers for as long as you can.

Here's an example of a nipple sucker:


Where can I train my nipples for extreme stretching?
Nipple Suckers


There are several types of nipple suckers available. My first set were very similar to those pictured above. As my nips have grown I have moved on up to larger suckers. You'll soon find the style you like best.




Where can I train my nipples for extreme stretching?
Connecting pleasure



I love clamps with a chain attachment. Like the stud above, one hand is stroking and one is yanking his chain - and pleasuring both nipples at once.

I added:  When your session is done, use a good, thick body cream on your nips to keep them well moisturized.

The next morning you’ll feel a slight thrill run through your body as your perked nips rub against your clothes. It will be a gentle reminder all day of the pleasure you are unleashing in your nips.

It won’t take too many sessions before your nips get really perky and sensitive. Potential partners will see your high beams through your t-shirts and will be drawn to them. Let it be known that you are into nipple play and you will soon find partners who are willing to help you in training your nips.

You will find partners who get off on twisting and playing with your nips. It's very tactile and generally the twistee is very verbal in their appreciation. Most of us love to get effusive responses from our lovers.




Where can I train my nipples for extreme stretching?
Nipple Clamps & Suckers


The pre-cum continues to flow!

Here's a little background information on why our nips 'high beam.'


High Beams

Both men and women can experience nipple erection as a tactile response caused by cool temperatures. The release of oxytocin during sexual arousal also causes your teats to stand up and be noticed. In addition, this happens when you are sexually attracted by someone--and they can subconsciously read this as a sign of your interest. 


Oxytocin? The 'Bonding' Hormone

So what is oxytocin? It is referred to as the 'bonding' hormone. It’s released when your nipples and genital areas are stimulated as well as during orgasm (and for a few minutes afterwards). The release of oxytocin elicits feelings of contentment, reduces anxiety levels and releases a sense of calmness and security with your partner. It is a great bonding tool. (Men release oxytocin through nipple stimulation as well.)



Where can I train my nipples for extreme stretching?
Nipple Clamps & Suckers


I concluded:  As you progress, you can pump your nips and put “O” rings on them. We can’t seem to keep it in stock but I love our “Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with ‘O’ rings” — this isn’t great for pumping but it is an amazing tool to get the “O” rings on. After I get the rings on I use a nipple pumper to get max suction.

One last tip, if you really want extreme pump, fill your nipple suckers with water, place over your nips, squeeze the excess water out and you will discover an even more extreme pump. I do this outside (otherwise you will make a mess.)

When you get to the next step, you can get a really extreme stretch by hanging weights from the chain of your nipple clamps.


Where can I train my nipples for extreme stretching?
Nipple Clamps & Suckers


I have quoted this man before, but he says it so well:

"They'll take stimulation all the way from light caress, rubbing, twisting, pulling, pinching all the way to light 'spanking'! (Which makes them even MORE sensitive in an hour or two). I make it a point to use moisturizer or olive oil as a balm on mine to keep them sensitive.

"For the guys that are uncomfortable with this, I say MAN UP! Sensitive nipples don't make you feminine or 'gay'. Heck, as far as I can see, male nipples are our only real 'sex' organ; since they only have one purpose...

"But, I suspect you need to practice to get them 'working'. Also, the level of pleasure from various stimulation seems to vary with temperature... Mine love nice hot weather; cold weather not so much as it makes them a little 'jumpy'. One other suggestion is to try lubricating them.

"Nipple stimulation is something that my wife and I can share on a mutual basis (although SIMULTANEOUS is a little difficult, as I just can't pay attention hers when she's doing mine!). It's a very intimate and loving act."

Whether you want to increase your sensitivity or perkier nips, you can maximize it because our bodies are tuned for pleasure. We're covered with erogenous zones so take some time to explore these and you'll release even more of that magical oxytocin. Increased pleasure improves your sex life (and lowers stress!) Discover better sex and increased pleasure with nipple clamps and nipple suckers. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos submitted by customer. Skinslut is not pictured.)



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