Unleashing Oxytocin in his Monarch Nip Clamps


It takes a confident guy to step out wearing his Monarch tit clamps. They're just hanging off his big nips begging to be yanked. And they will be. And he'll get off on it!

We all know what gets him off!

Frankly, I love nipple play. Especially alternating clamps with nipple suckers (these help pump up your nip tissue so you have more to clamp). What can I say? I'm a sucker for the nipple-to-genital connection for a more intense and sensitive experience.

A while back a friend described the first time he wore nipple clamps. He tried on a pair of monarch clamps and discovered that after taking them off the brush of fabric across his nips made his dick hard (of course, he had left them on for a couple of hours). He had never realized that he was hard-wired with an intense nipple-to-genital connection. He is not alone. And the experience has totally revolutionized his sex life.

Like women, men's nipples are erogenous zones (here's ONE area where men and women are alike). When stimulated by touch (hands, clamps or mouth) this tender tissue creates sexual arousal. Both men and women have similar nerve supply in the nipples; however, the nerves lie closer together in men versus being more widely spread for women. This is why your nips (made up of teats and areola) are erotic receptors--and creators of over-the-top erogenous pleasure.


Unleashing Oxytocin in his Monarch Nip Clamps


You know this stud likes rough nip play - biting, twisting and pinching. But why do nipple clamps feel good?

It's all about the oxytocin. This is a hormone that is released when your nips or genitals are stimulated. When you experience orgasm and during the "afterglow." It feels good - not just on an external level - and we are left wanting more. Here's the science:


The Science

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine helps explain why: The sensation from the nipples travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the penis and prostate. So they are sharing some of the pleasure centers in our brain. Does this make the pleasure broader? 

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers were able to see which parts of the brain became active when women and men stroked various parts of their bodies. These genital-sensing areas of the brain roughly correspond for both men and women--no gender bias here! The researchers were surprised to find that male nipples caused so much brain activity.

Rutgers University Psychologist Barry Komisaruk was quoted as saying: "My speculation is that this could be the basis for many women saying that nipple stimulation is erotogenic, because it stimulates the same area as the genitals," (And guys--it works the same for us!) Researchers have mapped the male genital senses onto an area of the brain called the "medial paracentral lobule". This sits in the crevice between the two brain hemispheres near the top of the skull (so many good things sit in a crevice!)


The Mystery of the Male Nip

The resulting fMRI brain images showed a concentration of activity in the medial paracentral lobule. As each area of the genitals was stroked the activity showed up in its own corresponding location within this brain region. Komisaruk said, "Even though they're all clustered there like a cluster of grapes, the response to each [genital area] is different. They overlap, but they're separable." (So it pays to vary your technique and explore all of your genitals--as well as all of your erogenous zones!)

Nipple stimulation shows up in two locations in the brain:  the first (as you would expect) was in the part of the brain that receives chest sensations and the second was alongside the genital sensations in the medial paracentral lobule. That's proof positive that nipple stimulation does trigger a sensation in the genital area of the brain. We like it--one action results in pleasure in two areas.


The Brain:  Our Largest Sex Organ

The study participants were not necessarily 'turned on' by the self-stimulation that was reflected on the fMRI scanner. So what makes a sensation erotic? Komisaruk asks, "Are there particular brain regions that have to be activated in order for genital stimulation to be converted from run-of-the-mill stimulation versus stimulation with an erotic quality? That is the big question."

That's the question we want answered. Why do some guys go over the moon when their nips are played with and others feel nothing? How do we unlock the male nipples potential for erogenous stimulation?

The researchers discovered that an orgasm involves a ton of brain regions (amygdala, hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus, hippocampus, basal ganglia, accumbens-bed nucleus of the stria terminalis-preoptic area, the lower brainstem, cerebellum and the anterior cingulate, insular, parietal and frontal cortices.) 

So we have a sense of the electronics buzzing around in our brains, but how exactly do the nipples work? How can we create or increase this sexual-electricity?


How Nipples are Constructed & Nipple Erection

Nipples are made of skin like everywhere else on our body; however, pigmentation tends to be darker. When our nipples become erect, it is not due to erectile tissue (like that found in the penis) but it is due to the contraction of the smooth muscles under the control of the automatic nervous system. Therefore it is more like a hair follicle standing on end instead of being like sexual erection. Pilomotor reflex (which also causes goose bumps) causes nipple erections in the cylindrically arranged muscle cells of the nipple itself.


High Beams = I'm Interested!

Both men and women can experience nipple erection as a tactile response caused by cold temperatures. The release of oxytocin during sexual arousal also causes your tits to stand up and be noticed. This also happens when you are sexually attracted to someone - and they can then subconsciously (or not so subconsciously) read this as a nonverbal signal of your interest. So go ahead and be coy, but is that braille under your shirt or are you just excited to see me!


Oxytocin? The Stress-relieving Hormone

So what is oxytocin? It is referred to as the 'bonding' hormone. It’s released when your nips and genitals are stimulated as well as during orgasm. This also stays with you for a few minutes afterwards. The release of oxytocin brings on feelings of contentment, reduces anxiety levels and releases a sense of calmness and security with your partner. Researchers believe that this indicates that oxytocin may be important for the inhibition of the brain regions associated with behavioral control, fear, and anxiety so that orgasm can actually occur (in the wild?) Oxytocin also functions to protect against stress. In addition it increases monogamous behavior, helps reduce inflammation, improves facial recognition memory and increases empathy. Meta-analyses conducted in 2003 demonstrated that release of the oxytocin hormone can alleviate mood and reduce stress with a good efficiency. This why when under stress, many men jack off--it's self-medication.

So can men release oxytocin through nipple stimulation as well?  (I go wild when my nips are sucked and played with. So now if you see me tweaking my nips through my shirt while waiting in line at Starbucks, I'm just self-medicating!)


Unleashing Oxytocin in his Monarch Nip Clamps


Back home now, he's tugging on those nipple clamps to really accentuate the pleasure. You can bet that he is rocking a boner too. 

Why not go to the next level of sexual pleasure with nipple clamps? Unleash that Oxytocin for greater pleasure with your nipple clamps.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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Greg – love that you got so turned on! Nip play is awesome – & love that you have been using your creativity to play with them. Try nipple suckers – they really take it to the next level, especially when you alternate with your clothespins. One of the nice things about using nipple clamps is that you can connect them (the feeling of the chain tapping against your torso is hot) and you can use one hand to pull on both nips. Delicious! In addition, you can get greater control on the nip pressure.

Glad you’re enjoying your nips and hope you find some nip lovers to help you celebrate your perky pecs!


Gregory Wulff

Gregory Wulff

I was so turned on by this text and photos that my nips are almost high beams even with the warm indoor temperature! Years ago I work on enlarging them with tugging, pinching and using clothespins. Twenty years later I continued with chip clips and binder clips….ouch! That fare now very close to a half inch long. I just wish that I was living by myself and could have men over who worship and appreciate sexy nips.
- Woody & Hairy Greg :- )

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