Bigger pleasure, versatility and comfort in his Nitrile Cockring


I love the feeling of a cockring wrapped around the base of my prick. It's a sensuous reminder of the pleasure my dick brings me. In fact, I wear one 24/7. The ring I leave on all the time is a Nitrile cockring. I love this cockring for its versatility and comfort. In fact, I always travel with one and keep a spare in my gym bag.

In the morning, before I shower, I pick out the gear I want to wear for the day. I often soap up and slip a heavy stainless steel cock ring on in the shower. That gives me the weighted hug I crave and rock star performance when things heat up!

The other day I was chatting with a man who loves his metal rings but because he grows so much from flaccid to hard (he's a major grower) he can't keep the heavier stainless rings on (either cockrings or glans ring). This is a huge frustration.

This happens to a number of men. We're all built differently but if you're an extreme "grower" I've got a trick for you:  wear a Nitrile ring below your cock or glans ring to keep it from sliding down. In other words, if you are wearing a cock ring, put the heavy metal cock ring on first so it is resting against your pubes. Then put a tighter Nitrile ring on. This will prevent your heavier ring from sliding and slipping off when you are flaccid (or in the winter really cold!) The benefit of the Nitrile is that it will comfortably expand as you get harder so it won't pinch and hurt.

This same trick works for your glans rings. Put your heavy head ring on first and then put a Nitrile between your glans ring and the head of your dick. Because they stretch so easily you can wear a smaller size in the Nitrile so it will keep everything in place - and stretch as your dick grows. (I’ve also used this trick with ball weights.)

And you can also wear it all by itself like the hairy stud pictured below. I wear my Nitrile 24 hours a day (it stretches when I get those nocturnal boners so I don't worry about causing damage to my prick). In the morning, I just slip on my cock gear of choice on top of my Nitrile.


Bigger pleasure, versatility and comfort in his Nitrile Cockring


For me wearing a cock ring is as second nature as wearing a ring on my finger. Not only does it mean better sex, but I love the support and feeling throughout the day and the hot look it gives my package. I’ve blogged about it before but here is a quick list of why you should wear a cock ring:

  1. Boosts your erection. Your cock gets "throbbing hard." 
  2. Get a HUGE package! If you want your cock and balls forward, front and center for all to enjoy, pop on a penis ring. 
  3. The way it makes you feel. The hard steel (which makes you hard) is cool to the touch but quickly warms to your body temperature when you put it on. One of gear essentials’ customers said it best, "It's like there is this firm grip cradling and supporting me." It feels amazing.
  4. It keeps your dick--even when flaccid--thicker. A customer, Zeb, wrote: "...there's just a thickness in my pants that lingers a little longer than if I wasn't wearing a ring." There is nothing like a big package, is there? Your dick in a rigid cock ring under tight jeans will be a sight to behold. Trust me, you'll get second (and third) looks.
  5. A penis ring makes your rod more sensitive. When walking around throughout your day, you will have a concrete sense of your dick and the power it has. Your prick will become more sensitive to the lightest touch--be it tongue, feather, leather or your own hand. As you move, fabric will brush against your thickened meat and cause a thrilling sensation to skitter up your spine and back down to the head of your cock. And the orgasms are screamin-hot!
  6. Want your prick to be thicker, longer and harder? A cock ring will do it for you. You may reach places you've never touched before! Whether having sex with another or all by yourself, the magnitude is mind-blowing.
  7. Many men experience more cum and shoot further (not that it's a contest, right?!) 

A lot of men have discovered that we don't really feel fully dressed without at least a cock ring. Jerry M. writes:  "Worn it every day at work and it feels amazing. I think that when I don't wear it, I will feel naked."

It's true. When you happen to leave home without your penis ring, you feel naked.  It is like a comforting hug reminding you that all is well and stable down below. It gives such great support--pushing your cock and balls up, front and center so you ride high and proud. 

"Lkg4bddy" from Florida responded about his Nitrile cockrings"These are great and I recommend them highly. They are just flexible enough to get on and off easily. And I like being able to use the largest size around "everything" and the middle size just around my larger than average balls! And, I like that they are able to be used with all lubes! I wore the large one during sex and it was great!!"

Isn't it time that you enjoy bigger pleasure, versatility and comfort in your Nitrile Cockring?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Jerry and "Lkg4bddy" are not pictured.)





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