Golden Showers in his Nitrile Cockring


It's been another hot Halloween, drank too much beer and can't get an Uber. (I wonder why?!) 

And he has to take a leak. But then, nothing is stopping him!

When you're all dressed for a hot night out and still want maximum comfort (while maintaining an impressive package), check out a flexible Mega nitrile ring.

I wear a nitrile ring 24/7. In fact, I am wearing two today (one on either side of a nice heavy Omega cock ring - variety is the spice of life).

Personally I love the rigid metal rings that gear essentials crafts. I wear one nearly every day. But there are times when I am wearing tight clothing and a metal ring can dig in and get uncomfortable (like under a Halloween costume). On days like that I just slip off my metal ring and leave the nitrile on. That way I still get the comfort and support of a cock ring (not to mention that it keeps my prick thicker and ready to rock and roll) but I don't have the restrictiveness of a metal ring combined with tight clothing.


Golden Showers in his Nitrile Cockring


A nitrile ring is also great for a first-time cockring wearer or someone who is afraid of getting a perma-boner and not being able to get a rigid metal penis ring off.

Many manufacturers make them in a variety of colors, thicknesses and interior diameters. You are sure to find one that feels right for you.

And enjoy a hot Halloween and golden showers in your Nitrile penis ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!     




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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