How Strippers do it:  Keep it thick & hard in a cockring


You know how strippers keep their packages so HUGE?! Cock rings--it's the ancient stripper secret!

Even before cockrings were available in stores, men were figuring out ways to craft penis rings using leather or cloth to keep the blood pumped in their pricks.

A buddy of mine was a Chippendale Dancer. He wouldn't go on stage without one of his cock rings on. He swore by them (and still wears them to impressive effect.) As a male dancer, he found that the tighter his penis ring fit the bigger his package would be--and it's all about the package!

While performing he wore such a tight cock ring that his boned dick would actually be cold and blue by the time he came off stage. This is not good. You want to make sure you have a ring that keeps your prick pumped but isn't so tight that you feel completely choked.  

A lot of men keep two sizes of C rings--one set for every day enjoyment and one set of rings for 'performance' (whether on stage or in bed).  The majority of cockrings that I wear are sized to fit comfortably all day long. I love the feeling, support and sense of thickness I get from wearing one all the time. It pushes my cock and balls up, forward, front and center.  When I don't have one on I feel naked and as though something is just not right. I also love how my cock ring keeps me thicker, harder, longer, fuller, juicier and more sensitive. It's a secret weapon everyone will enjoy!

We know that there is nothing more eye-catching than a nice package. It sends a powerful message.

The boned strippers pictured below is enhancing their dicks with the Nitrile Cockring and SurgeBLACK cock ring


How Strippers do it:  Keep it thick & hard in a cockring

You and your package will be happy with these cockrings because they will give you more support and lift. When you have a hard on, it is bigger, harder, more sensitive and even more impressive! Who doesn't want that?

I wear a Nitrile Cockring 24 hours a day (it stretches when I get the nocturnal boners so I don't worry about causing damage to my prick). In the morning, when I shower I slip on whichever cock gear I'm going to wear that day--right over my Nitrile.

The SurgeBLACK cock ring may look rather quiet and unassuming, but once you get this concave beauty over your cock and balls you will be stunned by the difference it makes! Your dick looks like it's exploding out of the ring--you look HUGE! (And you can't argue with that kind of self-promotion.)     

Quality-made in the USA, the SurgeBLACK cock ring features the ROBO collection's signature interior comfort fit. Perfectly designed and balanced for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear.  You may forget you even have it on--until you need it!  Get the Grip on YOUR package and impress the world! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!  




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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