All tied up and raring to go in his Omega Cockring


Today was one of those days when everything was chaos. If it could go wrong, it did. At this point, I don't want to fix another problem, soothe another ego, address another issue or clean up someone's mess. I do not want to make any more decisions.

I'm done.

So just tie me up.

Some amazing things happen when you're tied up. For me I am suddenly powerless, have ceded control and am very much living in the moment. At this point you can do anything you want to me. I can't even touch myself...unless you let me.

My inhibitions are gone when I'm tied up. It seems that they're tied up too (and tidily wrapped up and stowed away along with the voices of judgment, shame and guilt that sometimes linger in my head).

My trusty cock ring keeps my dick chubbed. I can't stroke myself but as my excitement grows - and you can bet it's growing - my cock grows too. There's no fooling anyone. I'm so turned on my cock is aching.  And my stainless steel Omega cockring keeps all the blood restricted in my hardening rod so I just get thicker, longer and harder. All hands free...

I love that a cock ring keeps all the blood from leaving my dick which means that it stays rigidly hard and much more sensitive to every tease and touch.      


All tied up and raring to go in his Omega Cockring


If you're going to be tied up, just make sure you are wearing a solid cock ring. You don't want to let anyone down.

Marc from Alaska wrote about his Omega, "This was my first cock ring and I love it....takes a bit getting used to the weight but it feels great especialyl when I first put it on....Wife loves the feeling she gets and it keeps me good and hard!"  

Keep it good and hard. It will make up for the cruddy day you just experienced at work. You may be tied up but you'll be raring to go in your Omega cockring. 

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Omega Ring Collection:   


(Photo submitted by customer.  Marc is not pictured.)





This looks like fun. This fucker is just waiting to be played with. His cock is just throbbing waiting for attention.



Looks like a good time to take advantage of a stud that likes to be controlled! Remember that he wanted this as you have your way with his cock, mouth and ass.



I love this. I would place something on his nipples and maybe tie his balls a little bit or put some weight on them just so he doesn’t forget that I am in charge. I would keep him guessing on what I will do to him next. Edging, anal play, nipple stimulation, maybe some candle wax or some ice. Oh the fun to be had to please my dark side and eventually let him have a ruined orgasm!

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