Blowing off stress in his Omega Cockring


It's been a long, hard week and I'm ready to unwind!

Pleasure is a great way to leave the stress behind. And pleasure is as close as the end of your fingertips. In fact, I know of no better stress release than shooting a big load!

Enhance your pleasure with the simple addition of a classic stainless steel band around the base of your cock and balls.

Suddenly the blood stays in your cock for greater sensation, a more powerful sense of your life-giving power; you're thicker, harder, longer and able to go the distance. That's the power of the cockring. And that cock ring increases the power of your dick. You can feel it throb. It's going to feel so great when you lead the splooge fly!

Not bad for a hunk of metal, is it?

The stud pictured below has found himself crouched low at the local glory hole. He's not the only man looking to unload some stress. Offered two choices, he is drawn to a fat cock pumped up by an Omega penis ring. Like a heat-seeking missile, flesh connects with flesh. Hot and wet, the tension builds towards a massive release! Both men are fulfilling their strongest needs today. 

A customer wrote about his Omega:  "I am enjoying my Omega Cock Ring.  IT's a great weight and feels terrific on.  I have gotten some great looks from women and straight guys (jealous) LOL..  LOVE IT!"

We can imagine they are jealous! (And not all of those guys are straight...)

You will enjoy the weight and discover how terrific this beautiful ring feels too. 


Blowing off stress in his Omega Cockring by gear essentials


When you compare the two dicks poking through glory holes in the picture above, our lucky stud is keeping it hard with his brushed finish Omega penis ring.  Crafted from solid stainless steel right here in the USA, it surrounds your dickshaft and balls with power, enhanced pleasure, and a solidity that helps you go the distance - again and again!  Sexual partners (men, women; straight, gay and bi) of men who wear the Omega have told us that it gives more power and intensity to fucking. It's gear essentials’ heaviest penis ring weighing in at roughly 11 ounces / 312 grams so you know you will both feel and enjoy it.

There are no sharp edges so even if you are carrying a little extra weight around the middle it won't pinch or bind. Check it out—your partner will love it, the intensity of your orgasm will skyrocket and your performance will score a perfect 10. 

Whether you are wearing it for your own all-day pleasure, to pump up your package to make other men jealous (which it certainly does), for self-pleasure or for good old-fashioned hard sex, you will experience the benefits of enhanced pleasure on your fuckrod. And the stress release is impressive too.

Blow off stress in your Omega Cockring. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by customer.)





It’s unfortunate that the holes aren’t a across from one another. Take one in the ass and the other in the mouth. It would keep everyone smiling!



Who wouldn’t go for the big cock first? He will finish him off and then move on to the other cock. He will get his cum desires filled and help out a couple guys that didn’t want to take care of it themselves.

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