Omega Penis ring:  The Right Tool for the Job


This hot and hairy lumberjack has the right tool for the job!  When you want to maximize what you've got, a cockring does the trick. 

Pump up your prick with a penis ring and put your best foot forward.  Hey, it pays to show off your potential and one of our favorites is the hefty and hearty Omega (as shown on the stud below).  If you're wandering naked through the woods it lets fellow-exhibitionists know you're serious about getting the job done right.  The Omega pulls your package front, forward, and up so you show your best self to anyone who cares to look....or feel!

And when you need strength and will love gear essentials' Omega cock ring.  A lot of gear essentials' customers tell us they love the heft of this rock solid cock ring.  This classic is our heaviest and weighs in around 11 ounces / 312 grams.  It gives you power that you - and your partner - will feel.   

When you strip down and need the right tool, you'll appreciate that a cockring keeps your prick thicker and chubbed - even when flaccid.  This shows you off at your best potential.


Omega Penis ring:  The Right Tool for the Job


Jax from California wrote:  "The Omega cock ring is a weighty proposition! For a couple of years I've worn the Total Plunge for two years because I wanted a 1" thick ring.  This time, I wanted to go for heft.  The 1 5/8" Omega is great because in the two days I've worn it, it hasn't slid off.  And I freeball in shorts, so I don't want to hear it clanging on the sidewalk during a walk.  It's a beautiful piece of jewelry and sexy AF."

It is a beautiful piece of jewelry and, as you can see above, as sexy AF.  This boned stud above is rocking his Omega.  It keeps his prick thicker and fuller.  The Omega (available in brushed or mirrored finish) gives the right weight and heft to this guy's impressive package.  Shaped like a large, smooth life-saver, the Omega is very comfortable to wear because there are no sharp edges.  And its smooth design means there is no pinching.  You will enjoy the rock solid comfort, support and power as your rod probes places you've only dreamed about. 

Isn't it time that you make sure that you have the right tool for your tool?  The Omega cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer.  Jax is not pictured.)


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