Center of Attention in Addison Graham's Omega Cockring & Titan Head Ring


It's a hot day poolside in Palm Springs and Addison Graham's geared-up junque seems to have caught the eyes (and mouths) of Spencer Whitman and Adam Russo. Addison is geared up in his cockring and glans ring. Isn't it nice to be the center of attention?

Center of Attention in Addison Graham's Omega C Ring & Titan Head Ring


Addison's ample cock is pumped and supported by his Omega cock ring. There's plenty for Spencer to grab. If you want a longer, harder and thicker prick you want to put a ring on it. Not only will you look (and be) thicker and fuller, sex will be so much better too. You can see how it also pulls your dick up, front and center (so much easier to grab!) And look at how full his balls are.

Not only is the Omega attractive, it is a work of science:  a cock ring restricts the blood flow from leaving your prick which means your fuck stick stays thicker, harder, longer and much more sensitive to every thrust, lick and touch. Fill up your partner and fulfill that deep inner itch that you can only scratch with your pounding prick (thanks to your penis ring).    

And what gives you more power to your thrust? The extra weight (the Omega is gear essentials' heaviest at approximately 11 ounces / 312 grams) gives even more horsepower to your pounding. The Omega is a fucker/fuckee favorite. Fucking is amazing—but fucking with a cock ring takes it to a whole new level of mind-blowing sexual pleasure. Your partner will feel it too - and scream with pleasure. 

Cockring Newbie wrote:  "As far as wearing the Omega while having intercourse, I have NEVER had as intense of an orgasm as I have while wearing the Omega. I felt my orgasm start in my testicles, work past the underside of the ID of the Omega then again as my ejaculation was passing through the shaft. My first orgasm with the Omega on was easily a ten second orgasm. My wife likes the Omega as well as long as I don't smash it into her clitoris. She felt the increase in girth and is a fan."

It's not all about fucking; so what if you're just getting blown or jacking off? Reach new levels of increased pleasure with a cock ring. Your dick will stay thick and huge!    


Center of Attention in Addison Graham's Omega C Ring & Titan Head Ring


It looks like Adam has pushed Spencer out of the way. Addison's popped prick-head is super-pumped by his Titan .4  glans ring

Glans rings work on a similar principle to cockrings. As you get excited it restricts blood from leaving so you stay thicker. It works even better in combination with a penis ring. I will not jack off without it. My dickhead gets huge and super-sensitive. It makes edging a wonderful, toe-curling experience.

In addition, when just hanging out, the weight of it makes my flaccid dick hang at its lowest. For the "growers" of the world it helps even out the odds a bit!

I also enjoy the sensation as it rubs against the sensitive nerve-endings below my corona. With every move or step I am reminded of how lovely it is to have a dick! Many have referred to it as the 'mini handjob in my pants.'

It feels so good!


Paying Attention to Spencer Whitman in his Alpha Cockring


What an amazing view of Addison's dick boned up and hard in his Omega cockring and Titan .4 glans ring. It is beautiful.

But you may have also noticed Spencer's Alpha Cock Ring. This was based on the Omega (same shape, just thinner) but it's crafted out of aeronautical-grade aluminum. Even when flaccid it keeps Spencer's big prick thicker. It's a great choice for these hot days:  light and cool in pure aluminum, you hardly feel that it's there until the action starts. Like the Omega, the completely round design is high on comfort - there are no rough corners that could pinch.

He is also wearing a Titan .2 glans ring (you can't quite see it in this shot since it's in Addison's mouth; it's easier to see in the second photo.) Spencer is uncut showing that you don't have to be circumcised to successfully wear one. This is half the bandwidth and weight as Addison's Titan. 4. I like it when I just want a little glint of something at the end of my dick.


Center of Attention in Addison Graham's Omega C Ring & Titan Head Ring


Adam is hard at work blowing Addison's hard rod. He is also wearing a cockring / glans ring combination. You can see it more clearly in the first picture; he's wearing the Grinder cockring.

Where the Alpha and Omega are smooth, the Grinder is faceted. David from Brooklyn wrote:  "Another work of cockring art from Gear Essentials, the best in the business. Beautifully finished and elegantly sculpted in a masculine, industrial design, every guy who likes the feel and look of a solid cockring enhancing his jewels should have this one in his collection."

David's right, this enhancement will catch the light on its facets and it is solid stainless so you will feel it. The Grinder is .6" / 15 mm wide. 

Are you ready to be the center of attention? (You should try it - it feels great!) Get your cockring / glans ring combination and enjoy the pump!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!



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