Omega Cockring:


This customer e-mail speaks for itself!


I hope this email finds you well...

Just a few pics of the Mrs and I enjoying the Omega Cock Ring. A true Goliath in size and weight, this beauty lets you know it's on!


Chubbing Up in his Omega Cockring by gear essentials


Amazing thing is, that when I'm wearing this one as compared to my many other Gear Essentials cock rings, I feel very powerful very "animal"... shortly after these pics were done, the Wife started to "growl" at me! Essentially, clawing at my cock, smacking it and my heavy balls against her face and tongue!


Irresistible in his Omega Cockring by gear essentials


I threw her down, twisting her arms behind her back forcibly, and proceeded to bury my cock deep into her pussy, made sloppy wet by the act of being taken so abruptly. Never once did she utter our safe word, she begged me to fuck her like a slut!!


Stiff & Tall in his Omega Cockring by gear essentials


Unbelievable, and completely out of character for her, this caused my to empty my balls into her in excruciatingly delightful squirts over and over. My Omega firmly planted against her clit...


Meeting Her Lips in his Omega Cockring by gear essentials

We love your products and can't thank you enough for making beautiful toys that are so much FUN!


WOW!  Sex really IS better here! Discover the love with an Omega cockring!

gear essentials...Sex is Better Here! ENJOY!



Omega Cockring: 


(Photos by customer.)



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