Omega Cockring:


We were blown away when we saw KinkyGayMids @staffsgay picture on Twitter. His prick looks so amazing in his cockring--nice and thick and ready for action!

You know that a cock ring will make your dick bigger, juicier and more sensitive. It will give you a more amazing experience when getting head, fucking or just jacking off. And for the man or woman having sex with you, they will feel the difference too. Your reactions will be more immediate, your response more powerful and they will feel such a sense of control as they make you quiver and shiver!

A cock ring also makes your dick feel better when you are just going through your daily routine. Even flaccid your dick is thicker and more sensitive. There is a heightened awareness of the powerful prick bouncing between your legs. There's just a more intense sense of being a man.

Your partner enjoys benefits too. Your cock stays harder so the sex is better. Both women and men comment that fucking (as the bottom) with a cock ring on feels better. There is more beefiness to fill up those tight holes. There is length to reach depths that have gone too long ignored and untouched. There is more power and force for a hotter ride! The hard stainless steel also hits the taint (which is an amazing erogenous zone) for even more pleasure for your partner. It will keep them coming back for more!  

Omega Cockring:  "Feels great...holds everything just right!"

Want to experience it for yourself? The Omega penis ring is one of our best-sellers and when you put it on it is easy to understand why. gear essentials' most massive rings at 11 ounces (312 grams) the Omega cock ring is shaped like a donut with seamlessly smooth stainless steel finishes in bright mirror or an elegant brushed satin. You and your partner will love the look and feel. After all, the Omega is designed for the man who craves the ultimate big and juicy experience.

Jim from Dallas wrote:  "I love this cock ring! I've gotten a couple of compliments on how it looks. it feels great - I love the weight. And it hold everything just right!"

Are you ready to experience the great look and feel of the Omega cockring?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   The Omega Cock Ring:


(Photo by and of KinkyGayMids @staffsgay on Twitter. Jim is not pictured.)



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