Omega Cockring:


There's nothing like an Omega cockring to give you more than a handful! You will love the look and feel of this big, solid ring at the base of your throbbing prick. Whether rock hard or comfortably flaccid, the Omega will keep your prick thicker than normal.

Jim from Dallas wrote:  "I love this cock ring! I've gotten a couple of compliments on how it looks. it feels great - I love the weight. And it hold everything just right!"

Tracy from South Carolina adds:  "What a product! Flawless finish and a very high quality cock ring. I chose the brushed finish and now I have a good collection from gear essentials. I have more items that I will be ordering soon! For ME, I found that the Omega cock ring has a nice weight to it and I paired it with the .4 Titan Glans ring. This combination is very comfortable to wear all day! I LOVE the weight of this ring and feel very confident making this a "no brainer" to have in every guys collection!"


Omega Cockring:  "it feels great - I love the weight"


You'll find that it feels great too. The Omega is a distinctive cock ring in gear essentials’ line. Crafted of solid stainless steel that surrounds your dick and balls with a solidity that is comforting and powerful, sexual partners of men who have bought the Omega tell us that they feel more power and intensity when fucking. It's gear essentials’ heaviest penis ring weighing in at a solid 11 ounces (312 grams) so you know you will feel it.

Available in mirror or brushed finish, the Omega gives the right weight and heft to this stud's (pictured above) impressive package. It will do the same for you. Shaped like a large, smooth life-saver, the Omega is very comfortable to wear because there are no sharp edges. You will enjoy the comforting pressure of all that metal.

Grab an Omega - you'll feel great and love the weight too.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Jim and Tracy are not pictured.)



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