Omega Cockring:


Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the fairest cock of them all?

Yours will be the fairest in an Omega cockring. The Omega is gear essentials' heaviest penis ring (11 ounces / 312 grams) and you can see how it chubs up his thick dick.

His Omega cock ring really keeps the blood pumped in his prick. This means his cock gets even bigger, harder, longer and ready for action. He is also feeling more sensitive - even when flaccid. You'll love the confidence it brings as you feel your chubbed up meat swinging between your legs or in the palm of your hand (or in someone else's). 



Omega Cockring:  "It feels so comfortable and looks spectacular!"


The beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless steel Omega cock ring is a work of art. Shaped like perfectly smooth donuts, these rounded rings are the pinnacle of comfort and are available in brushed satin or mirrored finish.

"mc69nkd" from Salt Lake City, Utah wrote:  "Just received my Omega 1 7/8" cock ring and what I beauty it is. I had to put it on right away. It feels so comfortable and looks spectacular! I love the feel of the weight of it too. Just perfect in every way. I can hardly wait to wear it and show it off to others!"

You'll discover how comfortable and spectacular a solid cockring can truly be when you slip on an Omega!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. "Mc69nkd" is not pictured.)



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