Omega Cockring:


When you want to get someone's attention, cockrings and glans rings will do the trick.

There is something about the glint and reflection of sunlight on your cock and ball gear that really draws the eye--and keeps it!

Seth Fisher (pictured below left) is wearing the Plunge cockring and Surge glans ring. These rings keep the blood restricted in your dick so your shaft and head stay thick and show off your potential--even when flaccid.

Both are constructed of lightweight aluminum for easy work-all-day / play-all-night comfort. You may forget you even have them on! 


Plunge, Total Plunge & Omega Cockrings:  "Turned on by the Tug..."


Addison Graham (middle) is wearing the hefty Omega cock ring and Titan .4 glans ring. The solid stainless steel Omega is gear essentials' heaviest cockring at 11 ounces / 312 grams.

The blood flows into your dick and is restricted from leaving again because of this heavy solid stainless cock ring. The Omega leaves your prick thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive. 

Larry from Maine has been enjoying his new Omega cock ring. He writes:  "I received my Omega cock ring a few days ago, I was amazed at the heft of this ring. It is not my first stainless steel cock ring from GearEssentials and sure won't be my last! As soon as I put it on I became aroused and thought I am leaving this on .....

"I typically don't wear underwear and after I put on my blue jeans I was really turned on by the tug, but was more impressed by the swinging back and forth with each step and the rubbing of my cock head-on my jeans AWESOME cock ring will need to try wearing my .90 titan glans ring with my Omega cock ring."

The elegantly brushed or bright mirrored finish (both are pictured below) of the Omega penis ring gives the right weight, heft (for that gentle tug with every move and step), look and feel on your cock. Shaped like a large, smooth donut, the Omega is very comfortable to wear because there are no sharp edges. Like Larry, you will enjoy the comforting pressure of all the tug and swing the Omega provides.  



Omega Cockring:  "Turned on by the Tug..." Brushed or Mirrored Finish


Like Addison, Spencer Whitman is wearing a Titan glans ring--but slightly narrower. Addison is wearing the Titan .4 and Spencer has the Titan .2 on. These rings may be 'small' but the impact is HUGE! 

We are often asked if head rings work for uncut guys. Spencer is a great example of this. It looks and feels hot even when you've got a little (or a lot in Spencer's case) extra skin. Although not all widths work on all guys--it frankly depends on how much overhang you have. Spencer has lots of beautiful foreskin; we discovered that the Titan .9 did not work as well as the Titan .2 glans ring. (And this worked very nicely!)

Abe wrote:  "I love it! Keeps the foreskin retracted and keeps my head exposed! When I'm flaccid the foreskin can cover up the ring from the front, but is still retracted. Perhaps a ring with silicone at the bottom would be good for keeping the foreskin completely pinned down. Would love to test some out!!"

We love the heavier stainless rings--especially when at the nude beach. Not only does it look and feel beautiful hanging on your dick but the added weight means you will notice each bob and sway of your pendulous prick. We keep hearing it--and we agree--it's like a mini hand job in your pants!

David from Toronto is also uncircumcised. He loves his:  "I now know what all the excitement over these Gland rings is. The size is very important as you want the gland ring to stay on when your soft but not restrict the blood flow too much. Hey I'm no expert but these Gland rings are amazing I guessed at a size and it slid on just under the head of my cock, as I'm an uncut guy the foreskin covers the ring till I get hard. If you have not tried Gland rings I suggest you give them a try."

Spencer is also wearing the wide Total Plunge cockring. It keeps your cock and balls front and center--lifted up and cradled for all the world to see. Blood flows in but is restricted from leaving again so you stay chubbed (even if you aren't particularly excited.) The sensation is amazing; the look is hotter.

The .9 inch / 23 mm Total Plunge penis ring will keep you big and hard for the long haul. This revved up daddy of the ROBO cock ring series draws envious looks. Constructed of quality light-weight aluminum, this cockring features the interior comfort fit for easy all-day/play-all-night wear.

Regardless of which ring you choose, you'll be turned on by the tug, power, sensations and better sex they provide!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




      (Photo 1 by Jay Williams. Photo 2 by Simeon Den. Abe, David and Larry are not pictured.)



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