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We've been having a great conversation on Facebook Messenger with a happy gearfan from the Netherlands named Ryan. We love his enthusiasm so we invited him to share about his experiences with cockrings.

He is sharing about his first ring - the Omega cockring. We've included some hot shots from our photo shoot with Addison Graham (wearing the Omega), Spencer Whitman and Adam Russo. 

I'll let Ryan speak:

I remember seeing my first cockring in a porn. It was intriguing to see a hung guy, wearing a leather cockring. It was extremely erotic, but also very aesthetic like wearing jewelry around his dick. Being 21, I didn't need a cockring to keep an erection. Full of hormones and like any male student, with a healthy sexdrive, I wasn't looking for a toy to keep a massive rock hard cock. But still... something made me think of it often.


Bigger pricks in their cockrings - Addison, Adam & Spencer




Ryan continues:


I started looking around on the internet about what was available. Many, quite cheap, online sexshops sold those cheap looking rings. Imitation leather, silicone or thin metal rings. It was in a gay magazine I noticed an article about cockrings. Breathless (and as a result with a dry mouth) I read the article in bed. Feeling that massive pole in my briefs, I was sure: this guy needed a good ring. But why would I want to wear something that looks cheap? That isn't what my proud standing fellow deserved.

I came across a good and nice designed gay store here in Amsterdam. They sold quite a range of cockrings. It wasn't a sleazy sexshop... A nice guy helped me with my quest. He showed me his range of rings, from all materials. I kept looking at the metal ones and he asked me why I wouldn't pick a more flexible ring. "It must be the feel of steel, I guess", I replied. I think he recognised it, because he smiled. That was the first time I learned about Gear Essentials, as he pointed to those round metal boxes.

I felt like a kid in a candy store, seeing those polished, metal rings. I knew immediately it was going to be the Omega ring. I was allowed to measure my diameter in a fitting room, so I could buy the perfect sized cockring. It was my first cockring and I was very excited to feel that heavy box in the pocket of my coat. I went home and kept it on my desk.

Coming home after studying and a visit to a pub I decided to give the ring a try. After lubing up I popped my balls through the ring first and finally my cock. That feeling!!! Man oh man. It was so good, as if it was custom made. The smooth and perfect donut shaped ring felt amazing. The weight and the gentle pulling on my dick was great.


It's time to get that Speedo out of the way! Addison chubbed in his Omega


And then the part of getting hard. Of course I had had many erections before, but with this Omega ring, I had never been as rock hard as that. I remember seeing my dick grow and getting harder and harder, as was my cockhead. It swelled in a pulsating way. The veins on the shaft were like metal wires going from the base, over the shaft to the head of my cock. That ring was so damn good to wear. It was so hot to play with it myself, but the guys I had used it with were so happy to play with it as well. It was such a good add on for my sex life.

I love gently stroking my hard pole with one hand, while holding the cockring with the other hand, feeling my balls touch the clean and hard steel ring. Besides that, After getting more control over my erections when wearing the Omega ring, I decided to wear in daily life too, just under my jeans. It was quite a challenge not to get hard (if so, I was lost 😉 ), but feeling that heavy ring around my cock, made me feel so masculine.

Every guy is aware of having that nice tool in his jeans, but wearing the steel cockring made me remember having a nice meaty pole in my briefs, every minute of the day. That is why I wanted to have a second and more decorated ring, the engraved Omega. It was even a more beautiful jewel around my own crown jewels.


Spencer exploring Addison's prick in the Omega Cockring


Since then it became more part of my style to wear a cockring. It didn't make me feel sleazy, but more secure of myself. Whether during good sex, but also when going out or going to the gym (be careful you don't loose it!). The gentle pulling on your cock is such a good feeling, giving that great feeling in your gut many times of the day. It is great to have a massive bulge in your jeans and the fun you can have in the restrooms, while standing there with your ringed cock out of your jeans. Sometimes the shiny metal draws the attention of the guy standing next to you... I have had 3 compliments about it so far. Once in a pub, twice under the shower after the gym.

Flaunt what you've got, in my opinion, and why not ring it with a heavy metal Gear Essentials Cockring. The next step for me will be to combine it with a glans ring. But guys, be careful for your teeth then 😉.

So in the future I keep wearing metal cockrings for sure and probably a glans ring. Thanks Gear Essentials for turning this first time experience into a satisfying lifestyle!!!


Ready for your first time? You'll love how it looks, feel and performs!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Omega Ring Collection:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/omega   

Also Shown - Adam Russo: 

Addison Graham - Titan .4 Glans Ring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/glans-rings/products/glans-ring-titan-4-stainless-steel


(Photos by Simeon Den. Ryan is not pictured.)



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