Omega Penis Ring:  How it looks on


Want to see how the Omega penis ring looks on? 

One of the "OG's" of gear essentials, the Omega penis ring is one of the rings that began the upscale male intimate jewelry trend.  Constructed of solid stainless steel, this is not a cheap nickel knock-off with chrome plating.  This ring is designed to last a lifetime.

Shaped like a perfectly smooth donut, this round ring is the ultimate in comfort for all-day / play-all-night wear.  The round design means there is no pinching of your tender bits.

Crafted in the US, this cockring is .6 inch / 15.24 mm wide so it is perfect when you need something extra on your side–and in your pants.  It weighs in at approximately 7-10 ounces (depending on the size ordered) and is finished by hand.  It is available in either brushed or mirror finish. 

Here's how it looks on:



The Omega cockring is also available in a smaller 1 5/8" / 41 mm size.  Because of the rounded shape, the Omega rings have minimal contact with your penis.  This, combined with the weight, means that they often start a gentle slide down your shaft when you are flaccid.  (Oh, the power of gravitational pull!)  Therefore we recommend that you wear one size smaller than normal for optimum fit.  You and your partner will SO enjoy this metal cock ring!

You can see how he's getting chubbed in the picture below.  It's basic science: as the blood flows into your penis the cockring restricts it from escaping again.  That keeps you bigger (and looking better)!  Imagine how it looks hard.



Marc from Alaska wrote:  "This was my first cock ring and I love it....takes a bit getting used to the weight but it feels great especially when I first put it on....Wife loves the feeling she gets and it keeps me good and hard!"



Jeremiah from Montreal wrote:  "I received my Omega about a week ago, and I haven't taken it off yet.  Now I can finish my review.  The 1 7/8" ring is just right for me.  It provides enough downward tug to remind me it is there.  I'm also pleased with the added effect of the cock ring on my manhood.  Wearing the Omega constantly adds some girth and length, and when combined with a little pull and tug, creates an explosive orgasm...I love this cock ring, the best purchase of a ring I've ever made."

Below Addison Graham is wearing the bright mirrored finish ring.  This is a great finish when you really want to catch someone's eye.  The light reflects off of it and makes a statement (especially considering how chubbed up your dick gets when wearing it).



Benjamin from London wrote:  "Fuck! I've been looking for a seriously heavy cock ring for a while.  I found this, and I had to get my hands on it.  It arrived today and the look and feel is incredible.  I got the 2-1/8" and the fit is perfect.  The weight of it pulling on my balls and on my perenium when I'm hard is intense and quite honestly, fucking awesome. 

"I'm wearing it at my desk, and there's one serious bulge.  I'm already a huge fan, and I'm looking forward to using the Omega to it's full potential this evening.  Thanks ;):"


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