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He's back! Many of you commented that you loved the stud's pictures in the blog Omega Split Ring:  "I am a big fan..." (posted 2 April 2020. Link:

He sent us another photo and he's still irresistible in his Omega Split Ring. He may be flaccid in this shot but he's thick and you can see the potential.

Chad from Miami wrote about his Omega Split Ring:  "The thing is a monster. I tried it as an add on to a ball weight and it works nice but I may like it as a cockring more. 1 7/8 I can just squeeze in but the shape feels great. Probably the heaviest cockring I own. Recommend."

Chad's right. The Omega Split Ring is a sexy-hot monster that can be used as either a cockring or ball stretcher. Like our friend pictured here, Andy from the "Frozen North" uses his primarily as a penis ring. He added: 

"Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I put it on right away and then had to try it out for some solo fun... holy crap. Where was this my whole life???

"Left it on the rest of the day and enjoyed a heavy tugging sensation everywhere I went. It takes a little coordination to get on, but I like the knowledge that it’s quick to take off if the need arises. Comfortable, enjoyable, pleasurable... seriously where was this thing my whole life?!"

The Omega Split Ring is pleasurable and it's quick to take off if needed. This is especially great if you tend to hang onto your boners or are injecting TriMex (those of you over 40 know what I'm talking about!)

Omega Split Ring:  "holy crap. Where was this my whole life???"


The Omega Split is gear essentials' Omega cockring but chopped in half. One half of the ring has a male/female connector. The other side is secured with an Allen screw (wrench included and it’s super easy to secure). It provides all the support and pump of a metal cock ring but without any of the fear of entrapment! It keeps the blood flow in your prick so you stay thicker and fuller--even when you're flaccid.

If your goal is to wear the Omega Split as a cock ring, order one size smaller than you normally wear. Because of the weight and pure donut shape, very little of the ring comes into contact with your dick so you want to go a size smaller.

The beauty of the Omega Split Ring is that it can also act as a ball stretcher. It comes in two sizes:  1-3/4" or 1 7/8" (interior diameter) so for most men it is too large to hang on most balls all by itself, but stack it on top of a regular ball stretcher and you will really get your stretch on!

I enjoy the flexibility of the Omega Split Ring. I generally start by wearing it on top of my traditional ball stretchers. If you want to get more swing to your balls and increase your pleasure, it slips in easily on top of those ball weights even if you don't think there is any more room. The interior diameter is wider and the edges are rounded. The male package flares out as your shaft gets closer to the pubes; the Omega makes allowances for that. It feels great, it's super easy to get on, and I can slide the head of my dick through it and wear it as a cockring again if it starts feeling too heavy on my nads. 

So much versatility! Try one and you'll find yourself exclaiming, "holy crap. Where was this my whole life???"

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Omega Split Ring Ball Weight: 


    (Photo submitted by customer. Chad and Andy are not pictured.)



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