Basking with his Omega Split Ring Ball Weight on the Beach


After a long winter of self-isolation it feels so good to have the sunshine kiss our bodies and the warm breezes ruffle our short hairs! The stud pictured below is spread out and happy to let all of his worries and cares go. He's in the moment and at this very moment his balls are looking very fine!

There's nothing like some heat to get your dick and balls to hang their lowest. That's a good thing at the beach; we want to show off our potential. His Omega split ring is pulling his nads down even further. I love the look and feel.

Believe me, I never thought I would be a fan of ball stretchers. I thought they were just a little too kinky for my vanilla self. Little did I know...I put one on and popped a woody. Of course I got one and continue to wear it the majority of the time. Since my first time, I've discovered that sex is better with a ball weight on. Now when I want even more stretch and tug, I slip an Omega split ring on top of my traditional ball stretcher. 

The Omega Split comes in two sizes:  1-3/4" or 1 7/8" (interior diameter). It's generally too large to hang on most balls all by itself, but put a regular ball stretcher underneath it and you can really go to town. (It's a testament to the size of this stud's balls that he's wearing it solo - they're huge!)


Basking with his Omega Split Ring Ball Weight on the Beach


I enjoy wearing the Omega Split Ring with my traditional ball stretchers. It feels great, it's super easy to get on, I can slide the head of my dick through if it starts feeling too heavy on my nads and it helps stretch the ball sac faster because more weight can be worn. Why? When you are stretched to the max wearing one or more ball weights, the Omega Split Ring is much easier to put on than another ball stretcher because the interior diameter is wider and the edges are rounded. Our junque tends to flare out as it gets closer to our pubes and the Omega makes allowances for that. It's a great fit!

There's nothing like feeling the swing, twist, tug and pull on your nuts. And the delayed orgasms are really intense.

Andy wrote:  "Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I put it on right away and then had to try it out for some solo fun... holy crap. Where was this my whole life??? Left it on the rest of the day and enjoyed a heavy tugging sensation everywhere I went. It takes a little coordination to get on, but I like the knowledge that it’s quick to take off if the need arises.

"Comfortable, enjoyable, pleasurable... seriously where was this thing my whole life?!"

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why I love ball stretchers:

  • Ball stretchers give an erotic twist and tug which brings even more intense sexual pleasure. A ball weight—even as light as 8 ounces—intensifies the experience and orgasm for most men—you won’t want to have sex without it.
  • Want more mind-blowing sex? Ball stretchers prevent your balls from retracting before you cum so that when you do, the weight around your balls makes ejaculation even more intense. A lot of other customers have said that they experience MORE cum AND shoot farther as a result.
  • Grow your sac. When you regularly wear a ball weight your ball sac stretches out. When you stretch enough to go to the next size, you can slip the Omega split ring between your existing ball weight(s) and your shaft. It’s a great way to add weight and add to your ball sac. 
  • Ball weights ‘play’ with your balls so your hands are wander elsewhere.
  • Pleasure your partner: during intercourse your ball stretcher bounces off your partner’s taint providing another repeated physical contact. Both of you will feel each thrust accented by each swing of your nads. The taint is highly erogenous—in Tantric practice, pressure is put here to spread sexual energy throughout the body instead of just focusing it around the genitals. 

Now you can base with your Omega Split Ring on the beach too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Andy is not pictured.)



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