Omega Split Ring:


He's on his knees. He's lapping up that big dick. After months of self-quarantine all of us are hungry to get our tongues and hands and bodies on our genitalia of choice.

It's been too long. This hard, uncut stud is sporting the Omega Split Ring on his big bone. Be careful. You put one of these on and you'll be irresistible!

It's basic science:  a cock ring keeps your dick fuller, harder and longer. I think a cockring also makes my dick more sensitive too. It brings a hyper-awareness of all the nerve endings in my cock, a sensation of the power between my legs and that tingle that runs up and down my spine. A buddy of mine refers to it as a thrum that vibrates through his core. It's unlike any other human experience. It totally enhances sexual pleasure as well as your cocky attitude.  

The Omega Split ring does double duty. It can act as a cockring (as shown here) or a ball weight.


Omega Split Ring:  "It fits like a glove"


When we were discussing the design of the Omega split ring, we talked about the men we've met who were afraid to wear a metal penis ring for fear that they would get trapped in it. No one wants to go to the emergency room to have a metal ring cut off their dick! (There are ways to deal with that that do not involve saws.) Once you get used to wearing a penis ring it becomes a non-issue. But until then wouldn't it be great if we had a two-piece cock ring that would alleviate that fear? Easy in and easy out...

And out of that conversations the Omega Split Ring was born.

Jeremiah from Montreal wrote:  "I could not wait to put the Omega on. It fits like a glove. The 1 7/8 ring is just right. Being able to put on this size ring with ease, AND get it off when I need to take it off, was a big draw for me. It has nice tug downwards, and eases me into a right state. I will put it to good use later on. I am pleased with this purchase. The Omega Split is the ring to have for your cock ring collection. It is a very attractive piece, if I do say so in the brushed metal. very nice."


Enjoy the pump and power of an Omega Split Ring on your dick. You'll discover "it fits like a glove" too!


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Omega Split Ring Ball Weight: 


    (Photos submitted by customer. Jeremiah is not pictured.)



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