Irresistible in his Oxballs' Penis-T Penis Ring


Somehow, you find yourself on your knees holding his flesh in your hand.  You are drawn ever closer.  You cannot resist. 

How are you going to respond?


Irresistible in his Oxballs' Penis-T Penis Ring


He's keeping a firm grip on his pecker as it continues stretching towards his mouth.  That prick is perked with Oxballs' Penis-T Cockring.  Comfortable, easy to use and impressive, the Penis-T is crafted in the USA from premium Silicone for maximum comfort.

The all new and improved Penis-T cock ring from Oxballs' Atomic Jock is everything you loved about the original  - except it's even fleshier & softer so it's super easy to wear.

Deeply comfortable, this sleek, simple design is a take on classic O-rings but designed with your dick in mind.  The thick, blubbery shape is light & compact but also pushes your package up and away from your body for that sexy beefy bulge.  It looks hot as fuck in your favorite jockstrap or body-hugging gear.  

Or nothing at all...

Regardless of how you're hung, the Penis-T stretches to fit your meat and grips your cock and balls in all the right places. 

You'll be irresistible in your Penis-T cockring too.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Oxballs' Penis-T cockring 


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Thick, ringed fat one!

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