Penis Shaft Ring:  It's So Big!


Bigger than average? What do you do with a guy who is so big he won't fit in a cock ring (or your mouth?!)

Or perhaps you are looking for a bigger pump on your dick as well as to stay harder?

A recent survey showed that 13% of men wear a cockring on their shaft. The man pictured below on the left ("It's so big!") is wearing shaft rings; the man on the right is wearing his behind his balls and against his pubes in the more typical way.

BD wrote, "I generally prefer the rings that go behind my balls. They make me harder, I last longer, and I have stronger orgasms. My lover really likes what they do for me too. 

"However, I do have a few rings for the shaft only. I enjoy them too."

GP wrote:  "I only have worn mine at the base of the shaft and get plenty of engorgement. You should try it both ways and see which you prefer. I like the rubber O-rings the best, but here again, different strokes for different folks. The only way to find out what works best for you is to try out several types."

GP offers great advice. We are built differently and have unique pleasure centers and triggers. The best way to discover what works best for you is to experiment. gear essentials' glans rings work well (in the larger sizes) as do silicone rings with plenty of stretch.


Penis Shaft Ring:  It's so Big!


When wearing a rigid ring, wear a size that is slightly smaller than your flaccid shaft (if you want to wear it throughout the day like the stud above). If you just want it for sex, find something that is slightly larger so it gives you room to grow into your erection. It will result in an even thicker and harder cock. If you wear silicone, make sure it grows as much as your girth does!

Keep it big with a shaft ring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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