Penis Size Matters


Does size really matter? 

We know that women say it's not the size but rather what you do with it that counts. However, Christopher Morriss-Roberts has discovered that size matters. To be specific, size matters to men.

Morriss-Roberts writes:  "Interviews with British athletes confirm what we all know -- guys look and compare, and the bigger the better."


 Penis Size Matters:  Checking each other out in the shower


Morriss-Roberts discovered that men do indeed check each other out. They look to compare themselves to the other guys in the locker room and showers. How big or small are they in comparison to them? This happens regardless of sport played or sexual orientation. Basically all men check each other out in the locker room.


 Penis Size Matters:  Who's the Biggest of them All?


Morriss-Roberts adds that identifying the guys with the largest cocks helped arrange the social hierarchy. The bigger the prick, the higher the rank. Small dick? You're on the bottom of the ladder. Therefore, men with larger dicks are idolized and revered within the social construct. 

Things get particularly interesting in the shower. Some of the straight athletes surveyed said they "slap their cock around a bit" to keep it from looking too small while showering. Getting a chubbie (semi-erect) brings on joking that "one of the other athletes might have turned you on"


 Penis Size Matters:  Showing his Package with Ball Weight & Cock Ring


The stud above is sporting a big bone complete with cockring and ball weight. Not only does it keep your prick thicker, it also shows off your potential when flaccid

Meanwhile back in the showers, the gay athletes worked hard to not get an erection. They studiously avoid any behavior that might indicate that any of their teammates turn them on.


 Penis Size Matters:  Rocking His Singlet in a Master Cockring


However, the studies show that you can't just get by on the fact that you have a large prick, you also have to prove that you are sexually active. This supports and enhances the qualities needed to be a good jock. However, if those with monster cocks aren't sexually active, they will lose their position in the sporting hierarchy. Nothing is worse than being labeled the "40-year-old-virgin."


 Penis Size Matters:  Flashing the Grip Cockring in His CellBlock 13 Jock


The first time jocks strip down in front of their team mates is stressful however. Athletes feared exposing theirs dicks and then getting pegged in the social hierarchy. Jocks with the biggest cocks and balls were seen as being most confident. 

Morriss-Roberts writes, "until you could gauge your positioning to the rest of your teammates, it was a stressful experience for all regardless of cock size, sexuality or sport."

Here are just a few samples of dick. How do you stack up?


Penis Size Matters:  Which are You?


Size matters. What can you do to show off your potential in the showers? 

gear essentials...Sex is Better here. ENJOY!




(Dr. Chris Morriss-Roberts is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton. Photos 1 & 2 by David Lee. All others submitted by customers.)


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