Perfect Cockring Gear for Lazy Bear Weekend


We are in beautiful Guerneville, California for the Lazy Bear weekend. Yes, we are feeling lazy! And enjoying hanging with the bears.

We are also planning on heading over to Modern Bear's Project Bearway tonight.


But remember, no matter how fab the outfit, it isn't complete without the right cockring! There is nothing like a penis ring to keep your prick thick and pumped--whether flaccid or ready for action, it makes your package look better! We think it's the first step when putting together a great look.

It also puts confidence in your step. When you know and feel the bulging cock flopping between your thighs, you are aware that you have the power! It's a great day!

The stud below is sporting the Grip cockring. It's a great way to draw attention to your cock while keeping it thicker. It looks like it makes it easier to grab too.


Perfect Cockring Gear for Lazy Bear Weekend:  the Grip

The Grip cock ring was gear essentials’ first stab at making a penis ring from medical-grade plastic. (This is a material that is so safe it's used in surgeries so we knew it would be safe on our family jewels! And it's TSA-friendly.) It has been a huge success.

A hard plastic with just a hint of internal give, this cockring keeps your dick fuller, thicker, longer and harder so you can really go the distance. 

Lee from Canada wrote, "Love the Grip! The best part about is it's light weight. I can leave it on for as long as I like and it doesn't lose it's shape. Great product and I highly recommend it to any cock ring enthusiast!"


Perfect Cockring Gear for Lazy Bear Weekend:  the Grip


It is a great cockring and will make your rod irresistible!  You will keep your dick thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive with the Grip C ring. 

Get ready for action and feel the love in your Grip!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!



Grip Cockring:


(Photos submitted by customer. Lee is not pictured.) 



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