Playtime with Adam Russo and Spencer Whitman


Where to start? Spencer Whitman is flat on his back with his stacked ball stretchers - the 8 ounce split ring ball weight and an Omega Split Ring. This gives an even more satisfying pull on his low-hangers for even more tug and twist.

Adam Russo, standing tall, is rocking the 8 ounce ball stretchers too - he's no slouch in the bull's balls department. He is also wearing a Titan .4 glans ring. The weight of it causes your dick to swing and move with every step and it pulls Adam's flaccid cock to its fullest potential (not that Seth Fisher won't help with that!) We love the feel of glans rings and also the sexy look as they highlight the head of your cock. They are awesome for strutting your stuff at the beach, locker room or for play time. 


Playtime with Adam Russo and Spencer Whitman


Playtime would not be complete without ball weights.

Chad from Miami wrote:  "Getting it On was a challenge. I’m glad it came in a large inside diameter. It’s hard to believe I got the 8oz it seems bigger. Surprisingly comfortable once on. The weight is fun to wear and it slappes around nicely when humping. Adds a nice bulge."

Maximize your playtime and enjoy the comfort, fun, slap when fucking and nice bulge with your ball weight.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 





(Photos by Simeon Den. Chad is not pictured.)





Hi, Charles! Thanks for your comment. For most of the cockrings, the smallest interior diameter is 1 3/4". If you need smaller, both the Quarter Screw (Link: and the Alpha (Link: come in a 1 5/8" size. (The Omega does as well; however, I wouldn’t recommend it in your situation because of the heavy weight of it—it could slide off.)

If these are still not snug enough, you could try the Titan .4 in the 1 1/2" (Link: This is the heaviest of the three choices due to the stainless steel construction.

We hope this helps! If you have more questions you can e-mail us through the website.


charles hamrick

charles hamrick

l have a small penis and I tried a covering in a size inch&threequarter and it was too big what is next down?

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