Plunge Cockring & Leather Ball Stretcher for UFO Max Pleasure!


Want to experience amazing UFO (Unidentified Fucking Object) sex? Check out the big, bold and luminous Plunge cock ring. Part of gear essentials' ROBO Collection, super lightweight solid aluminum gives you the support you want but with a feather-light weight. In addition, each of the penis rings in this series features gear essentials' exclusive comfort fit interior--gently shaped to provide easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. You may just forget you even have it on (until the object of your desire comes within view)!

Like all of gear essentials' cockrings, the Total Plunge will keep your cock and balls front and center--lifted up and cradled for all the world to see. Blood flows in but is restricted from leaving again so you stay chubbed (even if you aren't horned.) The sensation is amazing; the look is hot.

Scorpicio from Ohio wrote:  "This quickly became my favorite cockring, after putting it on the style and shine looked like they were made for me! It kind of reminds me of a UFO because of the deep divets along the thick piece of metal but the FULL PLUNGE gets my vote as my go to gear."


Plunge Cockring & Leather Ball Stretcher for Max Pleasure!


Like the boned up babe above I love to combine a ball stretcher with a cock ring. Back when I thought a ball weight was too kinky for my taste (man, did I get that wrong!), I wore my leather ball stretchers a lot. (I think this was my ‘gateway drug!’) The leather stretcher provides a nice pull on the balls (although I find that I do miss the weight). However, this is a great introduction to how ball stretching feels—and it still provides the amazing elongated orgasm that I’ve grown to love and expect.

Frankly, when you add a ball stretcher you have a one-two knock-out punch. (The ball stretcher also results in greater sensitivity in your ball sack. Sometimes it is just too much…)

Better sex is within reach. Want UFO max pleasure? Just pop on a Plunge C ring and ball stretcher.  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer. Scorpicio is not pictured.)



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