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My first cockring was a simple ring of nickel - not the best metal to wear on your sensitive cock and balls. The goal is to keep your prick going for the long haul--you don't want a substandard metal to jeopardize the family jewels!

I have to admit that it wasn't the most comfortable fit either. When I put on my first Plunge penis ring I felt as though I had put on a pair of really comfortable slippers. The interior comfort fit really make for a perfect-fitting cock ring.

Maybe you've never worn a cockring and don't understand what the fuss is about. What have your buddies been joking about in the locker room? There really is a way to get a bigger, harder, longer erection. Sex can be so much better!

Why? With a cockring blood flows into your cock when you're turned on. A cock ring keeps it from escaping again which leaves your prick thicker and harder--and ready to go the distance. Once you've tried the perfect fit, you'll never want to do without again.

Matt from Florida writes:  "I enjoy this cock ring because I can wear it all day comfortably. It makes my bulge look great and it attracts some very wanted attention. Luving my new purchase."

We all love attention!

Plunge Cockring:  "makes my bulge look great"


Jon from Philadelphia wrote:  "The aluminum rings, being very light, are really nice for daily/continuous wear, even in summertime. Since they don't discolor and crafted decoratively, they're also very pretty: I like the view (down, as well as in the mirror), and I have gotten wonderful compliments from others, too. 

"The Plunge is, so far, my favorite of -all- rings for its feel..."

Big, bold and luminous, the Plunge penis ring is part of gear essentials' ROBO Collection. Super lightweight solid aluminum gives you all the support you want but with comfortable feather light weight. 

As mentioned above, the secret of the Plunge's comfort is that each of the cock rings in the ROBO series features the exclusive comfort fit interior--gently shaped to provide easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. Many guys have reported that they forget they even have it on.

Like all of gear essentials' cockrings, the Plunge keeps your cock and balls front and center--lifted up and cradled for all the world to see. Blood flows in but is restricted from leaving again so you stay chubbed (even if you aren't particularly excited.) The sensation is amazing; the look is hot. Your cock is powerful.

The Plunge is .6 inches (15 mm) wide and is built to last--and built to make you last too--the light-weight aluminum is solid so there is no coating to pit or wear away. And they do everything a cock ring is supposed to do. And the styling is beautiful. 

Discover the Plunge's 24/7 comfort how great it makes your package look!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photos re-blogged from “Whatcolorareyouwearing.” Want to see more? Check out:  Matt and Jon are not pictured.)



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