Bigger Orgasm with edging and a Bigger Dick with the Power Penis Pump


I have shared in past posts that I am a huge fan of edging (also known as orgasm control, peaking and surfing). There is nothing better to relieve a bit of stress than a nice long whack! It’s even better when you do it wearing a cock ring, lubing your tool with Swiss Navy’s Premium Masturbation Cream and pumping in between stroking sessions.

Not familiar with edging? Trust me—you’ll want to take a hand’s on approach to trying this out! It is basically the practice of jacking for an extended period of time (no three minute quickie) without cumming. Jack until you get right to the edge of cumming (hence the name) and then back off. This allows you to enjoy extended orgasmic sensations without having to wait to ‘recharge’. If you get too close and it feels as though you’ve gone over the ‘edge’ just apply pressure below the head of your dick. Pinch right below your urethra and the opposite side of your cock until the about-to-cum feeling eases.

Here's a picture of the boss pumping up his prick in the new 4 Level Power Penis Pump.



Bigger Orgasm with edging and a Bigger Dick with the Power Penis Pump


After you've come to the edge, stick your dick back into a penis pump and keep pumping up your big prick! You'll discover that the pre-cum just runs out of your piss-slit and your dick begins to almost vibrate with pleasure. You become much more sensitive and each stroke is pure pleasure.

I leave my pumped prick in the vacuum tube for 5 or 10 minutes before taking the pump off and stroking my cock right to the edge of cumming again.

Edging prolongs the sensations brought about during the final build-up to cumming. When you maintain your heightened sexual state for an extended masturbation session it can bring about intense pleasure. Some men also report that they reach an almost euphoric state or a change in perceived consciousness.

When you finally do cum, it is often stronger, goes further and is a bigger load than usual.


Before pumping with the Power Penis Pump


Keep your dick bigger and more sensitive with a C ring. Blood flows into your dick but is restricted from leaving. This means your prick is thicker, harder and fuller (whether flaccid or erect).

This is especially impressive after you take your dick out of the vacuum pump. You'll retain a lot of the pump you've gained.


Bigger Orgasm with edging and a Bigger Dick with the Power Penis Pump


A lot of guys want a bigger dick (despite all of the scientific studies that claim we don’t need a bigger dick and that you can do just as much with 4” as 8”—but do we believe this?!) Regular pumping has been shown to have an impact on penis size.

The Boss has also discovered that pumping his prick before taking a shot of TriMex really improves the ease of administering the shot as well as the efficacy of the injection. In other words, pumping first increases the pump and duration after taking the shot.

Are you ready for bigger orgasms with edging and bigger dick with the Power Penis Pump? Hang on - it's going to be an awesome ride!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Jay Williams.)



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