PUMP it Up with the Omega Cockring & Nipple Suckers


There are times when nothing feels better than a good pump. It could be after a workout. It could be your nips and it's almost always your dick!

Get a great pump on your thick prick with the Omega cockring. (And don't forget your nips--pump 'em up with nipple suckers!)

Rick from Chicago wrote the following review on www.gearessentials.com: “I actually own several styles and sizes (Surge, Imperial, Master & Omega) but after rigorous testing? Have decided I like the Omega the best. I currently own a 2" in the Omega but am going down incrementally to a 1 7/8" for the added effect (that 1/8" makes a difference!). Why do I like the Omega best? Several reasons... the weight is definitely a plus. The Imperial is close but... The shape too! The Imperial is fantastic comfort wise but for some reason? The intensity of the orgasms I get from the Omega seem to be significantly stronger. I suspect that it has something to do with how & where it sits that seems to give added stimulation to the exterior prostate in the perineum region? One other benefit to the Omega style (which won't apply to everyone) is that again, after rigorous testing of various styles, the Omega has the added benefit (For Her!) when She is on top, of providing additional clitoral stimulation that by account... Has caused her to "See Stars & nearly Pass Out" because of the intensity of Her Orgasms.... BRAVO!!!”

There's nothing like it. The Omega is a distinctive ring in gear essentials' line. It is solid stainless steel that surrounds your thick, hard prick and balls with a solid mass that is both comforting and powerful. Sexual partners of the men who wear the Omega tell us that it gives more power and intensity to fucking. It is gear essentials' heaviest penis ring weighing in at a solid 11 ounces / 312 grams so you know you will feel it. And enjoy it.

Whether you are wearing the Omega for your own pleasure all day long, wearing it to pump up your package (which it certainly does well), for self-pleasuring (like gear essentials' other cock rings, the Omega will keep the blood restricted in your dick so you get harder, thicker and more sensitive to each caress) or for sex, you will experience amazing benefits. And your cock will look amazing too.


PUMP it Up with the Omega Cockring & Nipple Suckers



A lot of men are pumping their nips too. Both male and female nipples are intense erogenous zones (here at least is ONE area in which men and women are alike!) When stimulated by touch (hands or mouth) this tender tissue creates sexual arousal. Both men and women have similar nerve supply in the nipples; however, the nerves lie closer together in men versus being more widely spread for women. This is why the teats and areola are erotic receptors--and creators of over-the-top erogenous pleasure.

Nipples are skin just like everywhere else on our body; however, pigmentation tends to be darker. When our nipples become erect, it is not due to erectile tissue (like that found in the penis) but it is due to the contraction of the smooth muscles under the control of the automatic nervous system. Therefore it is more like a hair follicle standing on end instead of being like sexual erection. Pilomotor reflex (which also causes goose bumps) causes nipple erections in the cylindrically arranged muscle cells of the nipple itself.

This is where the nip pumping comes in. If you want to make your nipples more sensitive, you can pop a set of nipple suckers on them. They create a vacuum resulting in your nips getting even bigger and fuller. Put them on during foreplay and watch as they grow firm, engorged and super-sensitive. Your sensitivity will skyrocket. Slip them off and play with those bullets--flick them for an even more intense sensation.

Personally I get off on attaching some tit clamps. Those babies bite down and hang on. The pleasure-pain is excruciatingly pleasure-filled and I get so hard my dick almost hurts.

A buddy asked me, "Why would I want to use nipple suckers, I don't want those tits that stick out an inch!" That would take some pretty serious pumping. 

For better sex, pump it up with the Omega cock ring and nipple suckers! 

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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