Quarter Screw Cockring:


It doesn't take much to have a big impact. The stud pictured below is wearing the narrow and lightweight Quarter Screw cockring on his prick. I'll admit that I like hefty, wide cock rings as much as the next guy but sometimes you want to go with something light and simple.

The Quarter Screw cockring is the perfect choice.

John from Palm Springs wrote:  "I LOVE this ring!!! It's light. It's simple. AND It does the trick. It comes in other companion sizes, or you can just stack them one on top of the other. It makes my junk look really good whether i'm in shorts or in a jock. All of GE rings are pretty awesome, After this one, (and since I have 2 others from GE), I've thrown all my other rings away. My junk is picky now and won't wear anything else."

The Quarter Screw is light. It's simple. AND it does do the trick!


Quarter Screw C Ring:  "My junk is picky now & won't wear anything else."


It's basic science:  with a a cock ring blood flows into your prick and is restricted from leaving so you stay harder, thicker and longer. 

You'll enjoy the best sex you’ve had in years with the quarter screw cock ring. These are very easy to wear due to the ROBO Cock comfort fit rim. At .3" / 7.62 mm wide this penis ring is perfect when you need a little something extra on your side--and in your pants! Made of solid quality aeronautical aluminum in the USA, you'll enjoy how this ring keeps the blood flow IN your cock so you remain bigger, thicker and harder!

Gee from California wrote:  "I love this ring. Keeps me plump throughout the day and it’s so light I forget that I have it on. Actually wearing it while sporting a chubby as I write this review."


Your junk will be pickier and you won't wear anything else either! Discover the pleasure of the Quarter Screw cock ring:  it's light, it's simple and it does the trick! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Quarter Screw cock ring:  https://gearessentials.com/products/quarter-screw  


(Photo by Richard Yates. John and Gee are not pictured.)



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