Quarter Screw Cockring and Glans Ring:


There is nothing like getting a happy e-mail from one of our gearFans! When possible (and with permission) we post them here so everyone can get a glimpse into how real people (versus the hottie models) use and enjoy our products.

One customer wrote:  “I have written you before but now after some time and a lot of use I have to tell you I LOVE using this ring! I can't tell you enough how rock solid it makes your cock and how it does increase your AND your partner's pleasure. The feeling of a solid hard-on and knowing it won't go away quickly makes for probably the best sex my wife and I have had in many years!

“As a man over 50 that loves sex and my wife, this has made every trip to the bedroom (or den, or kitchen) one hot, passionate session.

“I wish I had stumbled onto this years ago! Thanks again for your SUPERBLY crafted products. I own two different C-Rings from gear essential, and am keeping my eye out for the next one! (BTW, I'm looking at your Piston ball weights as my next "try")”

Is it totally hot that this long-term couple is doing it in the kitchen?

It can be tough to maintain sexual passion in a long-term relationship. It’s kind of the dirty little secret of any relationship over a year old. Initially we have sex like bunnies but then we find we have to schedule it. What gives? In most cases our sex drives haven’t diminished...

Is it a case of the ‘ho-hums’? We get bored with what we know. That’s why a bit of fantasy and new toys can add that missing spark and make for “the best sex my wife and I have had in many years!”

When you add the aging male body to the mix, things can get even tougher. Getting hard can be HARD! Wearing a cock ring is often just what the doctor ordered to get and maintain an erection so both you and your partner get off. (There’s nothing worse than not being able to get it up. It’s embarrassing and a barrier to even wanting to have sex again.)

Another gearFan, Brad from Calgary, wrote: Love it, this has just become my favourite cock ring I have. I've worn it all day long and even worn it to work and it remains comfortable all day long. It gives me that added umph to put my junk out there a bit more. I've even noticed a few people noticing my bulge in my pants when out in public!”


Quarter Screw Cockring and Glans Ring:  "gives me that added umph"


You can enjoy the best sex you’ve had in years with the quarter screw cock ring. These are supremely easy to wear due to the ROBO Cock comfort fit rim. At .3 inches wide this cock ring is perfect when you need a little something extra on your side--and in your pants! Made of solid quality aluminum in the USA you will enjoy how this ring keeps the blood flow IN your cock so you remain bigger, thicker and harder!

He's also added the Quarter Screw glans ring. We love these tight little rings that fit below the head of your dick. Not only do they add an extra glint, they make your dickhead totally pop when you get hard (especially when paired with a cockring).

David in Brooklyn wrote:  "I don't know how the design experts do it, but they've done it! Looks great, and this glans rings stays in place and doesn't slip off even when nothing's going on down there. Paired up with the matching Half Screw Cock Ring, it's not that often nothing's going on down there, even just thinking about it!"

Isn't it time you got the ‘umph’ with the Quarter Screw cock and glans rings? 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer. Brad and David are not pictured.)


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