Quarter Screw Cockring:


The stud pictured below is proof positive that you don't need much to really pump up your prick. Sure, I like hefty, wide cockrings as much as the next guy but sometimes you just want to go with something light and simple.

The Quarter Screw cockring is the perfect choice.

John from Palm Springs wrote:  "I LOVE this ring!!! It's light. It's simple. AND It does the trick. It comes in other companion sizes, or you can just stack them one on top of the other. It makes my junk look really good whether i'm in shorts or in a jock. All of GE rings are pretty awesome, After this one, (and since I have 2 others from GE), I've thrown all my other rings away. My junk is picky now and won't wear anything else."

The Quarter Screw does do the trick!


Quarter Screw Cockring:  "It's light. It's simple. AND It does the trick"


It's basic science; the Quarter Screw C ring does everything a cock ring is supposed to do:

  • keeps your balls and dick front, center and forward
  • maximizes your girth, length and sensitivity by restricting blood from leaving your thick prick (it keeps you thicker and harder whether you are hard or soft)
  • helps you really go the distance during sex
  • pumps up your package for your best and fullest flaccid look
  • keeps your balls away from your body - keep cooler in hot weather!
  • looks damn hot! (you'll get double-takes and long stares)

You'll enjoy the best sex you’ve had in years with the quarter screw cock ring. These are very easy to wear due to the ROBO Cock comfort fit rim. At .3" / 7.62 mm wide this penis ring is perfect when you need a little something extra on your side--and in your pants! Made of solid quality aluminum in the USA you will enjoy how this ring keeps the blood flow IN your cock so you remain bigger, thicker and harder!

Sir Robert from Pensacola, Florida wrote:  "I have three GE cock rings and this one is my favorite as I forget that I am wearing it. 

"Another superior product from GE!"

Discover the pleasure of the Quarter Screw cock ring:  it's light, it's simple and it does the trick! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Quarter Screw cock ring:  https://gearessentials.com/products/quarter-screw  


(Photo submitted by customer. John and Sir Robert are not pictured.)



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