Quickie in his Titan Cockring


Sometimes when you have a day off you just go looking for a little trouble. These studs have found some hard and horny action in the local men's room. Who knew you could find so much fun in an out-of-the-way place?

He's flat on his back servicing a hung stud from the next stall. Next up is the man towering over him. You know a blow job feels even more amazing when your prick is pumped and primed with a penis ring, right? Look at that thick veiny cock. This guy is going to get more than he bargained for.

Why is it so much better? His Titan cockring is keeping his meat thicker and perked up. He's totally ready for attention. It is basic science:  his cock ring keeps the blood flow in his penis so he gets and stays thicker and harder. It also makes him more self-aware (that big meat bobbing between his thighs) and more sensitive. 

Danny from Dayton wrote:  "I recently purchased the Titan .4" in brushed metal. I'd previously used the cheap nickel plated rings, or stretchy silicone ones. The first thing I have to say is it looks amazing! Almost to the point where I want to show everyone. I wear the ring almost daily, only taking it off to shower and when I sleep. I feel so much bigger during the day, and my wife can definitely tell the difference under my jeans. It's made my orgasms so much more intense and I feel so much thicker. I'm definitely going to be buying more products from here! Thanks for making some quality gear!"

Are you ready for a more intense orgasm?


Quickie in his Titan Cockring "it's made my orgasms so much more intense
& I feel so much thicker"


The beauty of the Titan cock ring (besides its performance) is it's classically simple design in either brushed or mirrored finish. The smooth profile has rolled edges so it's more comfortable over the long haul. You can get the Titan in three bandwidths (plus the Titan .9 glans ring). The Titan .4 is also available in extended sizes:  the 1 1/2" size (great for shaft rings or if you enjoy a really tight cockring) or as large as our new 2 1/4"--for you big ones. (The Titans are also available in glans ring sizes from 1" to 1 5/16" in these sizes plus the .9.)    

Enjoy a thicker cock and more intense orgasms in your Titan C ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!     


WHERE TO FIND IT:  The Titan Cock Ring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan    



(Photo provided by customer. Danny is not pictured.)



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