Ready for Action with the Imperial and Nitrile Cockring Combo


When the pants get unbuckled and you kick back, you want to make sure your prick is thick, hard and ready for action.

This stud has combined the Imperial cockring with a Nitrile ring. I wear a Nitrile penis ring along with a solid metal ring nearly every day. This hot combination makes it easy to ensure that you are ready for some hot action.

This smooth stainless steel cock ring in mirrored or brushed finish (pictured below) will keep your cock thicker and, when the temperature rises, your cock will stand tall and proud. Like all of gear essentials' cock rings, the Imperial keeps the blood flow in your prick so you stay thicker and harder. Your cock will be performance ready!

I love wearing a Nitrile 24/7. It stretches with nocturnal erections so I don't have to worry about causing damage. It also stabilizes my heavier cockrings so they fit better. I also think it's a sexy look.

Eric from Alabama wrote, "I got the Imperial ring a little over a week ago and love the weight and feel with it on. I got the 17/8 and the fit is perfect. I definitely will be ordering more from here."


Ready for Action with the Imperial and Nitrile Cockring Combo by gear essentials


Chad from Baltimore adds, "This is my sixth ring from Gear Essentials and I am 100% satisfied with all of them and 100% happy with the customer service... Oh and by the way the newest ring I bought (the Imperial) is no better than my other 5, everyone is perfect it all has to do with your preference and mood. Not one is better than the other just size and weight difference....I love everyone with no complaints. I speak from knowledge as well, I have over 40 rings from various companies and they were all bought prior to me buying from Gear Essentials because when I discovered them I never purchased a ring from anywhere else. Thanks!"

Once you slip your Imperial penis ring on your dick you'll discover why it's one of gear essentials’ most popular rings. Crafted in the shape of a flattened donut, it offers a comforting weighted cock-hug (which also adds power to your fucking thrust) while maintaining a slim enough profile to fit between beefy thighs. 

You'll be ready for action in the Imperial!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Eric & Chad are not pictured.)


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